Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nowhere Fast

Late bloomer ✏
Speeding through the meandering road of my early twenties life makes me wish I could slow down a bit. While my batchmates are making names for themselves in their respective industries, investing in properties, advancing in top management ranks, receiving hefty paychecks, getting hitched, here I am with a frozen post-collegiate employment feat. Not for long, I keep on convincing myself, what's 3 more semesters to fastrack a career I have been wanting to build and progress with in the future. 

I have long argued graduate school is slowing me down, but my genius of a father keeps on reminding me to look at it as one step back, two steps forward. It pains me to hold back from a lot of humanly indulgent things like shopping, dining and travelling to name a few (which I could possibly be enjoying  'til the heavens if I'm employed full time) but the expenses that come with attaining a post graduate degree is no joke and I'm just eternally grateful my parents are not pulling the plug on me yet. 

The demands of summer school is surprisingly intense. Being the lone Master of Science-pursue-r in class amidst a sea of students pursing a degree in Master of Management, I have consoled myself to exert extra HEAPS of effort so I can free myself off the dresses-and-high-heels-wearing-bimbo prejudice in class. By virtue of the UP grading system, 1.0 is the highest grade and I am beyond-the-rainbow thrilled my grades last semester didn't disappoint. While I still have a month of summer class to  endure, possibly a week of freedom to enjoy thereafter, I plan on conditioning my brain for a fully academically-loaded semester this coming June. 

And so the reclusive life begins. 

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