Friday, April 26, 2013

Electric Dreams

The color orange - probably the most feared, intimidating shade in the color wheel. It's a hit or miss, either you're really into it or the slightest hint (?!?) can trigger your gag reflex. This dress came with a warning, it's not for the faint of heart! I wouldn't call it poster piece in a long list of Topshop Hall-of-fame-rs, in fact, capital W-T-Fs were beaming in my head when I first saw this dress. FLUORO, seriously Topshop?! Wait til you see this in actual, words of caution: it can be blinding.

My little trip down the dressing room was intended as a joke, just for the heck of trying out something. I can say I was at the peak of my unexpected weight gain that time, last year (and no, I wasn't pregnant) and this dress was probably dusted with slimming magic. So that did the trick. 
I never really got into the neon/fluoro trend, I'd like to keep my highlighters strictly for scholarly business only, thank you. It was the collective impact of the style, details and material that begged the dress to be bought. The irony of using orange to come up with such a classy piece is almost too intriguing.

You can never really go wrong with lace, no matter how scandalous the shade can be. In fact it's almost sacrilegious to use those words in one sentence, how can you not look classy and lady like in lace? In the end, the scallop hem won me over.
I was speeding on a nightrain bound for a wreck: overwhelming graduate school demands, pressure to lose weight, desperate attempt to fit my workout regime and 'wasting' away days by cutting significant calorie intake from my diet.. all in a day's work. With real life bound to choke me any time now, I knew I had to get away, FAST. I almost forgot the bliss that goes with family time and the opportunity to dress up.

I was so giddy on Easter Sunday I was barfing unicorns, rainbows, butterflies and glitters! Recall how I called this dress hit or miss? Well my entire family put this dress under the MISS part. Like that has stopped me before, right? I was feeling anxious the first time I wore it out and got a surprising number of compliments from strangers. Not even exaggerating. It just goes to show my family doesn't get it sometimes. chos!

WHO WORE IT BEST? Demi Lovato VS Ana Reynoso.  Bwahahaha!! As if
Who Wore it Best?
Demi Lovato VS Ana Reynoso in Topshop coral lace skater dress
I obviously spent more time reading Us Weekly than studying for geometry in High School.

Arabela has always been our family's Easter Feast destination. It's a small quaint coffee shop located in the vicinity of the iconic Liliw church. This is so worth taking the road trip, take my word for it!
High protein  Guess it's kosher..? Keeping Easter traditions alive at #Arabela #Liliw  Happy Easter Sunday
Allowed myself to indulge in a high protein, lean steak (relax, it's kosher).......only to cave in to their mouth-watering desserts. The true test of discipline came crumbling down...down.......down....
Strawberry cheesecake | Chocolate chip cheescake | Chocolate mousse | Blueberry cheesecake | SLICE OF HEAVEN ON A PLATE AKA Tiramisu 
HEAR THAT?! My stomach just exploded! It's highly impossible to order one dessert item off the menu ergo, two of those were for me. HAH! I shared naman the other plate ;) If you think cheesecakes are evil, wait 'til they serve it on heavy cream with chocolate syrup. Recipe for instant diet relapse, anyone?

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