Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Paradise City

Take me down to the Paradise City
where the grass is green
and the girls are pretty

On April 5, my toes were able to finally kiss the white sandy shores of Boracay. For a while, I actually forgot about the altercation that took place the day prior. We are probably duped to go through extremely stressful situations so we can revel in the beauty of far better things in life. Check out our awesome-posum beach loft. I swoon! This right here is my country princess bed: 

It's a two-and-a-half-floor beachfront loft situated in Station 1. Isn't our balcony neat?! You get an unobstructed view of the ocean and good live music from across the walkway. It gets a bit noisy at night but Boracay is no less than a round the clock party hub. 

The morning following my deathly buffet attack, I embraced my inner recluse and took a morning stroll. My biological clock has been set to alarm at 6 almost every day (regardless of my bed time) and my 4 hour sleep coerced my feet to walk to the nearest Starbucks. Now you know I'm never a fan of expensive coffee but the place looks deserted on a Sunday morning. 

Paired my morning coffee with an Only-in-Boracay (or so they say) cheesecake with strawberry sauce which I can never tell from a regular strawberry cheesecake, really. It was my The Hills moment; breakfast by the beach; in messy bun, sunnies, swimsuit and beach cover up. The works. 

Take! Me! Home!
Take me down to the Paradise City

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