Saturday, March 30, 2013

Retro Revival

Trousers with billowy legs that conceal the crotch, making 'em look like an actual maxi skirt? I'M SOLD. Bolder choices could be made fashion wise but I think I deserve snaps for being a sartorial daredevil - I entertain new ideas. What I wear on days I write about on my blog is exactly how I would want to look on any given day (with an exception to my post-gym, errand-running disheveled look). I do not (and will never) limit my fashion exposure before the camera lens. If you think you can look like a certain way before a camera, try exposing it for the outside world to see. I hate cringing for other people. Being a true fashion saavy goes beyond creativity, guts would come in handy too. Duck, honey..!!
Before Tony Manero signals to have his trousers back, I actually think this is the best ensemble I have put together in so long. I would always reiterate the importance of balance when dressing, take it as a cardinal fashion rule. Hence something bottom-heavy will pair well with slimmer silhouette, in my case this zip front bustier in green to complement the garden print bottom. (Although I've been itching to try the palazzo pants/wide leg trousers and sheer long-sleeves polo combination.) It's too divine i can't even--
It's such a cliche but Topshop's designs are the commercial counterpart of my personal style. (Swak na swak sa taste ko!) The backless detail of the corset is just absolutely stunning. Also I can't seem to get over my obsession for this garden print fabric. I first saw it on their summer maxis but for some reason the cut of the dress is not exactly flattering. The trousers are more versatile anyway.

Clad in head-to-foot Topshop's past season treasures because I'm always a bit behind trend. It's fun. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

It ain't easy, livin' like a gypsy

The boho trend is all about throwing in aztec prints, flowy skirts, eclectic accessories and a whole lotta hippie attitude! The less put together, the better; some elements are meant to clash anyway. It's a fusion of eastern flair (think ethnic prints, beads, embroidered pieces, etc.) and contemporary western elements , and don't you even think about muting either one of them. It's all about making a loud, bright statement. 

A few months back (okay, more like a quarter of a year's-time back) my Mom celebrated her 45th birthday Mediterranean style. It was a jewel-toned kind of night which called for my fail-safe gypsy ensemble and nothing screams gypsy than my tribal corset and fuchsia maxi skirt combo. The bold pattern of the corset makes accessorising easy peasy. Hence, the neon orange tribal necklace with spikes, gold and aqua bangles from H&M and the purple and gold bangles from my friend Kams. Wide metal cuffs are quintessential to the gypsy outfit so I threw in my favorite (and only) gold cuff from Looking for Lola. Tip #1: there's no such thing as going overboard, extravagance is part if the boho-gypsy language so pile on those bangles! 
I finally finally FINALLY found the perfect excuse to wear my chain headpiece after months of trying it on and secretly wishing I can incorporate it to my everyday casual wear. It added the final Mediterranean touch and worked well with the other accessories I have on. Nicole Ritchie you little trendsetter yooooou!! 

photos from Google
And yes, I welcome any trend that calls for unkempt beach waves.  

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Georgia Rule!

Crisp white frock, boots, long flowy mermaid hair..I just want to immortalize this look!  

Topshop lace insert dress | Boots from US | Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Kudos to the styling team behind La Lohan's Georgia Rule wardrobe!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where do we go, sweet child?

Statement shirt statement. I have sorely professed my hatred towards message tees in general and my nitpicky tendency seems to come out rather naturally when it comes to any word I plan on wearing across my chest. Save for my Megalomaniac message tee, handful of org shirts and a plethora of signature shirts from back when they were cool in high school, I would never be caught dead in a message shirt. Yes, I once wore a "Momma said knock you out" cutesy aqua shirt during cheer practice, ONCE. And yes, I am guilty of welcoming the thought of having a customized "Brandon Boyd for President", only because I really think the idea makes perfect sense. And when I once saw a guy wearing a shirt that says "AXLSBACK", printed vertically on the lefthand side of the shirt, I wanted it rip it off his chest right then and there.  

I'm not just another kid with some serious issues so you can rest your case now. Explanation's simple, I feel uncomfortable when a shirt draws unwanted attention. I do not need extra pairs of eyes glued on to my shirt, thank you. 
She's with the band. Unless I'm an advocate of a particular idea, I'm keeping the words on my top to a minimum. Rock band tees are quite the opposite of superfluous statement tees. They deliver an instant edge of coolness; it's like the "boots" (yes, the footwear) of clothing. It's cool without having to try too hard. The best part is, it will only take a split second for people to make out of the message because rock band tees usually carry the band logo. Uncomfortable stares are few and far between. 
Forever 21 top & layered necklace | Topshop shorts | Gucci aviators

And they say Rocket Queen is far too strung out?! Nothing says "strung out" like going through hell week over again.