Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She's totally beachin'

 the works #summer #RipCurl #beach

The sweltering heat makes everything ten times more difficult, even dressing up. I always try to conceptualise an outfit around a particular theme and do what it takes to look the part. My taste is also well-defined, I will never settle for anything less than how I picture the entire outfit to look like. The key is to incorporate old pieces and trust me, your closet is a treasure trove of past season's junk that can be reconstructed. 

When it comes to beach dressing, the challenge is to bisect the points of comfort, style and functionality. Heavy fabrics should never see the light of day and so do bold colors, but says who, right? Perks of living in the 21st century, we get to exercise freedom! For my beach wear, I built the outfits around the swimsuits. 

Exhibit A: Saint Tropez street style. As much as I hate paisley (Per Elle Wood's mantra: Nobody looks good in paisley), this Princeton Slider Bikini from Roxy, has a hint of paisley at first glance. But if you examine closely, it's more hibiscus layered with another printed fabric. The contrast of teal against coral makes accessorizing easier and the collective effect of clashing prints swayed the entire look into a complete bohemian vibe. 

I threw on a plum colored lace kaftan as a makeshift swimsuit coverup. It served me well as an after-sun bathing dressy tunic that took me from the beach to brunch-ready. When travelling light, it's best to consider the functionality of every article of clothing if you want to maximize your baggage allowance. I opted for a more covered-up tunic (never mind the dense lace fabric) as opposed to lightweight sheers because I want something dressy enough to be paraded around even off-shore. It almost neutralized the busy prints I have on with the tribal printed Cotton On scarf, floral purse, bangles and rainbow flip flops. 

Exhibit B. Baywatch Betty. Say 'Baywatch' and bright reds and high cuts instantly come to mind. I chose this red bodycon tank dress to go over my geometric bandeau bikini from Roxy. The black and white geometric print looks great when it peeks through the exaggerated wide armholes. 
The straps are left hanging to prevent overlapping tan lines and to bring out the geometric print of the bandeau by accentuating it with a red necklace. 

Less than 10hrs after THE ultimate buffet attack!! 5 PLUS rounds of meat and seafood  not to mention,10pcs of turon and unlimited kakanin for dessert yup! Believe it  #sorrynotsorry #nofilter #Boracay #beach #summer #roxy

Of course I brought with me my cut out clothes AKA the clothes I-cannot-get-away-with-on-a-normal-day for my nightlife/party outfits. Give the night time sea breeze to cool you down for ten minutes before you come into terms with the actual night time humidity. I cannot express my desire to wear this top but doing so could be lethal as my parents would never approve of the little coverage this top offers. So after 9874692 years it finally made its debut in Boracay. HAHA. This beauty is rather tricky to style given its length and coverage; it almost slips as an exception to my ultimate rule in balance. 

Topshop zip back cut out top | Topshop pansy print scallop hem shorts 

I would normally resort to jeans, but skin is in. 

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