Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only Child for a day

I woke up this morning thinking it would be just another Wednesday for me -- class at 9AM, drop by the field, meet up with boyfriend over lunch then go home. Apparently, I was wrong. When I went down for breakfast, my mom was giving me instructions since she and tatay are going to Alabang for their usual dates. Wait, what -- ? Did she just mention Alabang? I've been dreaming of going to the mall for the past weekends since I haven't been on one for exactly 24 days. I just miss it you know - strolling, looking at the display windows, trying on things, spotting something I really REALLY like and maybe even buying it (or saving up for it). I felt like I hallucinated during my one hour lecture class, which was cut short by 30 minutes since we finished early. Which store do I visit first? I'm that thirsty.

I decided not to bring my camera, to spare myself from getting shoulder pains. I also tried bringing my digicam but the battery is almost empty. Hence, the so-so quality of the photos:
The bilin list from both my sisters

Tatay took a 3-day leave from the office since he got sick last Monday and thank God he's feeling better now. He drove me and my sister Isa to class earlier today and then mom picked me up right after my class ended at 10AM.
Momma driving while Tatay was busy answering emails
We got to Alabang in time for lunch. I wasn't really craving for anything, especially after seeing my favorite word (read: SALE) all over the mall. After a pretty short debate, we settled for Amici.

Food was great, as usual

Pollo my favorite! While waiting for our orders, I skedaddled to Topshop to check out their End of Season Sale. Boy was I disappointed to see some of the clothes I bought last year! Worst part is, I haven't even worn them yet and they were down ass cheap. I hate the feeling; I'm saving the outfits for possible ocassions in the future. Anyway, no regrets :) I knew a decent outfit post wouldn't be possible beacuse 1) I don't have my camera with me and 2) no sibling to photograph me.. so I had to find a way to do it myself.

Broidery cup sundress from Topshop // Blazer from Glitterati // Bag from Coach // Pink ballet flats from Rubi Shoes

I really love the color this dress

The first photo was taken inside the Topshop dressing room and I was desperately pushing myself against the door just to take a full-body shot. Last two photos were taken at Rustan's where the dressing rooms were rather, roomy. I was able to score a few sale items from Topshop. My parents were in such a good mood earlier. Yaaay :)

Okay so the primary reason why my Mom was itching to go to Alabang is beacause we were running out of beauty supplies! Time to replenish!
Been using Clinique for the longest time now.
The saleslady was kind enough to give me three, yes THREE bottles of my favorite make up remover in the world.. for free! I love make up counter freebies :)
Oh, and on our way out to Rustan's I saw something familiar:
HI ELA. Look!!
From Rustan's we went straight to S&R for some grocery shopping. Im seriously enjoying my parent's company. I love the feeling of being able to talk to them about pretty much everything. I don't remember the last time we went out, just the three of us so I'm definitely looking forward to more dates just like this one. I love laughing with my dad and gossiping with my mom. Priceless!!
Hello Pepito :) I got your message earlier. I miss you so much!! Haha

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charm School Drop Out

Earlier today my baby brother Jose took the High School Entrance Examination at De La Salle University - Canlubang. Since it was a whole day affair, my mom decided to bring us along for some bonding/catching up since my dad skipped class in Law School today to study for his exam tomorrow.

The campus is very picturesque and I am now having a very hard time choosing which photo to use as my main Chictopia  photo. I always plan my outfit ahead of time to avoid last minute changes. For today, I opted to wear my bluish gray lace frock from Topshop and since it's quite plain and boring, I wore a vest over it. I bought the dress despite its blatant simplicity because I find it perfect for mixing and matching and maybe even for layering. It can also give me a chance to play with accessories to give it the oomph it needs. I imagined a denim tie-waist vest would look perfect with the dress but unfortunately, I have yet to buy one.

 Periwinkle lace frock from Topshop // Shantung silk vest from Poisonberry  // Studded heeled oxfords from tOnic // Pink satin purse from Zoo  // Headband worn as necklace and floral barette from Forever 21 // Ring and bangle from the US

I had the whole Flower Child concept when I was trying to work my way into this outfit until I realized my accessories were screaming popstar. I've been meaning to wear the Forever 21 headband as a necklace since I loved how it adorned the mannequin's neck when I saw it.

It was extremely windy in the campus although some parts are hot and humid. I had to de-accesorize right then and there so I went home looking like this:

I had a hard time picking out accessories for this outfit thanks to Anagon and my recent purchase from her awesome accessory line!

Meet my brother. I guess the 10 year age gap is closing in with regards to height.

I forgot to take a close-up photo but I'm wearing a multi layered chain necklace with multiple green heart pendants! It's too cute , I promise! Ooooh and while we're at it, I'd like to share how the packaging looked like when my necklaces arrived in the mail last Wednesday.
I was expecting my smallest package to date so I was suprised it was neatly wrapped and packed in this brown paper bag. It's my first time to shop for accessories online and I was lucky I chanced upon the new necklace collection from Anagon. Considering the design and the craftsmanship, the accessories are quite inexpensive and shipping fee is reasonable. I'm very picky when it comes to accessories because I'm allergic to silver and anything fancy.

ANYWAY, back to the main story. After La Salle, we went straight to Nuvali for dessert since we had lunch at the school cafeteria.


Browsing for shoes while eating! Based from my style and personality, can you guess which design caught my fancy? :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Moving in!

In line with the christening of my new blog name, I also moved to a new blogspot address.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The Invisible Floating Torso Man

The world's a roller coaster
but we are not strapped in
maybe we should hold with care
but our hands are busy in the air

I Wish You Were Here

In our old computer lies a folder containing every single existing photo of Brandon Boyd, front man of the most amazing band Incubus. My photo collection, which was labelled Obsession, dates as far back as high school. I've collected their albums starting from S.C.I.E.N.C.E. since I feel alienated by the sound of Fungus Amongus . I adore the evolution of their music from album to album. I miss Incubus. I missed their concert twice already so I'm putting my hopes of seeing them perform live, in my bucketlist. Anyone care to take me to one?

don't ever let life pass you by

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Break a Stiletto

I feel like a butterfly molting into the new year. As I shed a part of my juvenile self, I believe it's high time for my blog to do the same. I thought about this for the longest time so I dub thee Break A Stiletto. In theater, they say "break a leg" to wish someone good luck. It was believed that saying "good luck" point black brings bad luck.

During panel at Project Runway, Michael Kors would always say "Break a stiletto" as a way of wishing the contestants good luck. I've always liked how it sounds so I'm adopting it as my blog title. Trust me, I'm gonna need all the luck I can get this year, especially with my thesis!

On a different note, I'd like to apologize for accidentally deleting some of my followers. I am very flattered that people actually take time to read whatever's written here in my online journal. I never really expected to gather readers all over. I'm now putting a follower button on the sidebar in case my accidentally-deleted followers might want to follow my blog again :)

Have a great week ahead ;)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody

New Year's weekend Part II

My mom celebrates her birthday on January 2nd. During that day, I am attacked by equal amounts of anxiety and eagerness because Christmas break is officially over. I don't usually keep New year's resolution, I mean, why set high standards at the very start of the year? High expectations may equate to greater disappointments later on, so no thank you.

Last Sunday, my sisters took off early (from the hotel) to go to our happy place Forever21. We arrived in time for the mall opening and we had exactly 2 hours to turn that place inside out. The clothes didn't appeal to me much so I settled for a few things. My style embraced the baseball season and so did my sisters'. It's our current addiction!

For that day, I wore something colorful -- and I mean really colorful.

I feel most comfortable in a flowy skirt so whipped out my chiffon dress circa 2005.

I first saw this dress on Carla Humphries so imagine my delight when I saw it in the store called Sari-sari. I adore the colorful print so I just fold the upper portion to use it as a skirt. I pinned the center part of the tube top to give it a sweetheart cut. Kept everything else simple with a pair of black sandals from Forever 21.

Black tube top and dress (used as skirt) from Sari Sari // Sandals from Forever 21 // Green satin scarf from Coach // Blue aviator shades from Forever 21 // Gold cross necklace from Rockwell bazaar
Another Red Mango stop over while waiting patiently for Nanay, Tatay and little brother.

From Podium and Megamall we drove southbound for Nanay's birthday lunch at ATC followed by grocery shopping at S&R. Capped the night off with dinner at home with family, friends and my boyfriend!

Time to get serious. I know the final 3 months of school's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Someone should strap me in!

Monday, January 3, 2011

One Tree Hill

Hello 2011

New Year's weekend Part I

My family booked a 3-bedroom suite at Discovery Suites for new year's weekend. I was surprised we got the exact same suite the last time we checked in there.

We arrived in Ortigas a little bit ahead of the designated check-in time so we proceeded to Megamall only to find out Forever21 was closed. We went back to the hotel and enjoyed complementary treats at the Serendipity Lounge.

Abstract corset and Harem pants from Toppicks Clothing at the Rockwell Bazaar // Cut out heels from Brandy and Zoe // Monogram speedy 35 Louis Vuitton purse // Gold bangle from H&M

Looking festive on New Year's day!

I have to admit, the bustier/harem pants combo sprung out of my impluse. I liked the trend so much I didn't want to get left behind. I just couldn't muster the courage to wear it out before. But it's new year's day so what the heck!

Brother went out for a swim, ergo the incomplete family picture. Haha I changed into my favorite baseball shirt my boyfriend got me during one of our bazaar trips.

Podium is right across the street so we went out by nightfall. My parents generously gave me Topshop GC's for Christmas which I was contemplating on saving until at least I pay a visit to their Greenbelt branch. A few weeks back, they restocked the Wisteria Wedge in blush and the last pair was a tad smaller than my size but fits me just as well. I was specifically saving my GCs for that. But all hope vanished as I failed to resist shopping for new clothes. I guess I should have brought an extra ounce of defiance.

At Red Mango

Mom strategically enclosed the GCs in a Toys 'R Us envelope and I don't know why. I reached the Anne Heche- level of confusion when she handed me the envelope. My face lit up as soon as I opened it!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, indeed ;)