Saturday, November 20, 2010

So long Singapore, we only part to meet again

November 9,2010

For my flight back home I chose to wear a Sexy White Shirt (That's exactly the brand of the shirt I'm wearing) studded blue pencil skirt from Secret Paris, Satin pumps and silver cross neklace both from Forever 21 and white blazer from Glitterati . Ashley Olsen's the main inspiration for this outfit. I just adore the crispness of the white shirt.

At Changi Airport

I was able to do some last-minute cosmetic shopping thanks to GST Refund and some generous donation from mom

It was a very turbulent ride home so i wasn't able to take decent photos on the plane. So there, that wraps up my 5 day Singapore vacay! :)

No emotional baggage, just big bags filled with Dior

(November 8, 2010 MONDAY) I've been particularly excited about this day since our tickets got booked late July. Mum allotted generous baon (pocket money) for us girls since she said items are not exactly cheap in Singapore. As early as August, i was researching about the stores and malls I wanted to visit and even printed out the details  in 2 full pages!

My birthday and Christmas day are only 45 days apart so usually make a fused wish list. I only had a few things going on since I was thinking of using all my money to splurge on one thing (or two) that I really like.

I was carefully preserving my money til this day. I was surprised I was not tempted to buy something from Universal Studios, I guess I've outgrown souvenirs already. Orchard Road looked deserted on this lovely Monday Morning. Malls weren't even open so we were just strolling around.

I've developed a penchant for onesies (rompers, playsuits, jumpsuits..etc) since i feel very comfortable in them. I got this batwing jersey romper from the Rockwell bazaar last July and paired it with my monogram Coach flats. My sisters are surprised at how the midnight blue color of the romper is captured perfectly in the photograph. It looks black in actual :p I added my ever-favorite gold cross necklace (also from the Rockwell bazaar) and a blue studded bag from Hong Kong.

I love this photo of Nanay and Tatay just because Nanay blends with the color of the bus that suddenly swept past behind them. haha kidding, of course they look great in this photo!

Along the way, we saw the Miu Miu store at Paragon and it looks too cute so we just had to take a photo.

We wanted Forever21 to be our first stop because chances are, they have the items I'm waiting for, from their US website. I knew i wouldn't have this much to spend on a regular shopping trip so i planned to give in to my whims this time. The four-storey Forever21 was located at Somerset and we still had a long way to go so we stopped by Paragon to check it out. (Really, we just wanted to dry the sweat off our backs! haha)

Mom was raving about buying a Longchamp Le Pliage because the style and color that she wants is always sold out in Rustan's.  Paragon, from the looks of it, is a mall which houses upscale stores like Jimmy Choo, Coach, Miu Miu etc.

After taking this adorable photo of Tatay and my little brother Jose, I saw IT.. the flagship store of Longchamp. I told my mom to check it out so up we went. It was like Le Pliage heaven, all colors and styles imaginable were there. Funny how my mom pushed me in getting one for my own. Okay, if she didn't push me to, i probably would not have gone for it :p Imagine the multitude of clothes and shoes i could have gotten in place for one bag. After much deliberation (was torn between a black shorthandle and the navy longhandle) i settled with the latter. So there goes a major bulk of my pocket money!! Oh well, IM HAPPY. Enough said ;)

The thank-you-Daddy-I-promise-to-be-good shot

All four floors of Forever 21 and I had to practice self-control. It felt like a private sale, there were more or less 8 people inside including all 6 of us! haha I saw the black cut out booties that I've been wanting for so long and it was amazing how i was able to resist it.

By lunchtime we took a cab to see the Merlion Park and thank heavens Isa brought the tripod. Yaay!

From the Esplanade we took the City Link and walked our way to different malls.

Nanay & Jose resting while the rest of us are still trying to look for things and trinkets to buy. By afternoon and 2 Topmans later, I still have not found the perfect present for my boyfriend. Tatay and Jose went back to the hotel at 5PM while Nanay, Isa , Ela & I went back to Orchard Road.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Singapore Day 3 (Part Deux)

We departed the Zoo a little over lunch time for our afternoon-til-sunset itinerary in Sentosa.

 I feel extraordinarily comfortable in a playsuit so i wore this double breasted polka dot playsuit from my boyfriend ( <3 J), hotpink suede flats from Steve Madden and the bollywood bag from Rustan's. I like playsuits bacause they don't cinch your torso like how regular trousers do.

Our driver dropped us off Mt. Faber for the Jewel Cable Car ride. I'm very fond of cable car rides if you haven't noticed, even more, this one's bejewelled which is a bonus :> 

We had a lot of time in our hands since we were scheduled to watch the 8:40PM show of Songs of the Sea.

  Lunch plus siesta time at Tastes of Singapore

Can You Spell FUN?
It's usually Ela or I who takes the photos, hence we are almost always MIA. It seems like Isa is the star in the Luge&Skyride photos, she's in every single one of 'em. haha

We pretty much did all things tourist-y and enjoyed every single one of them.

So Agua Bendita :p

Songs of the Sea, finally ;)
Went back to the hotel drenched in rain, tired but happy ;)

Singapore Day 3 (Part Un)

It was my idea to visit Singapore Zoo. Well actually, i pretty much planned the itinerary with the help of Ms. Grace (Manager of the Travel Agency). I was left with the challenge of squeezing everything in that 3 whole days in Singapore, well just 2 since nanay told me to spare 1 day for shopping. We were bound to Singapore Zoo, Sunday November 7 and i felt like a kid on her first Zoo visit.

See? We look so colorful amdist the mural-esque display by the entrance. Haha everyone, except for Jose, had to consult their outfit choice to me before we leave the hotel. That's just how it is :) I want everyone to look cute.

My sister Ela is the most active and adventurous among us girls, or i'd like to say tie kami .. or not? I commend her guts for holding that bird for the 20-second photo op. haha

I can't tell you how giddy I felt the moment i laid my eyes on a REAL, breathing white tiger. haha I'd rather stare at them than take photos so we took a photo with this instead haha

Aboard the tram <3 I'm telling you, i was delaying the ride so we could catch the zebra-print tram, but my family was itching to sit so we took the next one out. I knew Singapore Zoo is something we couldn't miss out on so i'm glad we went.

Singapore Day 2

Universal Studios. I had asthma that day. Impeccable timing!!

Big thanks to Tatay for having enough patience to tote our tripod around! haha

I knew we'll be doing a lot of walking and the weather is literally too hot to handle so i had to wear shorts.
Pink vest - D.I.Y // Green striped tank top - Forever21 // Shorts - SM Dept Store // Shoes - Juicy Couture // Bag - Loop from Rustan's // Silver necklace - H&M // Sunglasses - Christian Dior
I had tons of fun but the weather, i must say, isn't the most forgiving. As i've said, I had asthma that morning so imagine the discomfort of walking under the scorching heat. We also went on a Saturday so queu (lines) were extremely long. We had to wait an hour and 15mins just so we could get on the Jurassic raft thingy. haha
OOOH I belong! and i look so stiff, gahh i'm not really good with posing!