Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Born Free

The day you were born, you were born free
That is your privilege
Ushered the exit of yet another week with this dress I wore last Sunday out with the Family. I was aiming for the Nicole Richie-spotted-on-Rodeo-Drive with a hint of Boheme-vagabond chic (yes, I just made that up!), so I did I hit right on target or missed? I couldn’t stop gushing about the color and the beaded details of this dress. Although I do wish it’s crease-proof, but apart from that, I love everything else!
Dress from Warehouse | Wedges from Janilyn | Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 35 | Tommy Hilfiger silver hoops | Bangle from Rosanna Aranaz
I have very few photos to share as I have been recently complaining about the pains of snapping away photos every single moment or so. How I wish I could produce quality blog entries without segueing photos with words. My face alone scares me and I am more amiable with words; this is probably monotony taking its toll on my writing. I am afraid work has extinguished my blogging fire; I sure hope I ignite it real soon!

Last Sunday, my family feasted on too-delicious-for-life food at Benny’s (Rustan's Makati G/F). Talk about home-cooked meals and comfort food at its finest!  It’s one of those rare occasions I permit myself to overindulge and give in to another cup of rice waiting to be consumed beside my plate. It really is a must-try, It won’t disappoint, take my word for it :) For dessert? Red velvet of course! 
The day is drawing neeeeeeaaaar! Burning another hole in my pocket for the Bloggers United Bazaar this coming weekend :) Move over Topshop! Looks like you're about to meet your match as the ultimate kiss of death to my paycheck this month.
Still praying for my love, Brandon Boyd's full recovery! European tour cut short as he is battling a case of laryngitis. We can't be deprived of your voice, Brandon. Love you! 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Road trip & Roxy


My busy work schedule coerced me to duck under the blogging radar for weeks now. When I finally got the privilege to spend a full weekend at home (with an extra day off, thank you boss) I didn't let one second go to waste. It was family bonding on full blast to make up for weekends we were utterly deprived of. When I found out some of Manila's top bloggers: Vern, Lissa and Kryz were heading south for a ROXY event, I rounded up my siblings, popped in a good 'ol 90's playlist and drove off. Nothing like Spice Girls on a road trip, really. 

Number 1: My sisters and I are certified Roxy girls since high school -- that is if you gauge by material possession and not by surfing or skating skills. We go crazy over anything stamped with the mirrored-and-tilted mountain and wave logo. Number 2: Seeing Manila's top bloggers on an event here in Laguna is quite a rare sight. Number 3: The Quiksilver store is right beside the Serenitea branch in Nuvali -- all the more reason to drop by! :)

Topshop floral romper | Sebago pink docksides |Louis Vuitton Neverfull | H&M bracelets | Summer Forever heart print button down cropped polo used as cover up 
Putting aside our purpose of milk tea and Macaron date in Nuvali, we really wanted to come up and personally thank Vern, Lissa and Kryz for taking a tiny bit off their time and sending in their sweet words as part of the birthday video Hannah made for my sister. It may seem like a small thing but we fairly know how busy they are :) I've always been a cyber moron but one day, maybe I can finally post the video here. 

They say driving by early gets you ahead of the traffic and our small act of gratitude couldn't wait any longer, not even for next Saturday! And I would appreciate it if you won't judge; the first photo was taken shortly before taking off and obviously, we weren't ready one! haha

Monday, November 14, 2011

At first blush

If this outfit doesn’t give it away, I don’t know what else would. “Is it your birthday today? You look so fashionably dressed”, exclaimed a store manager from a random store. True enough, I was probably still basking under my after-birthday glow, so to speak. Capped my self-declared birthday weekend with some family time over at Greenbelt; sorely missed malling as I’ve turned into a work-junkie on weekends.
I made my birthday as an excuse to dress up. I know I know, it’s a little too flashy for day wear but we were scheduled for an early dinner anyway. People must think I’m crazy for wearing this in broad daylight while strolling around the mall. Cake topper on the loose, anyone? This outfit has got to be one of my favorites. How can it not be? So there’s pink, corset, drapes, tulle, pearls, glitters and more pink! Argh! I might have died and gone to Barbie heaven.; all my favorite elements in one outfit. I felt like a debutante too, only 4 years late. HAHA
I got the skirt from People Are People branch in Bacolod. I’ve grown to appreciate the store the moment I set foot into their Bacolod branch. I’ve been on the hunt for a drape-y skirt for the longest time and this is just per-fect-ion! I love that it’s pink and made of tulle. I wore this blush zip front corset from Topshop to not stray away from pinkish blush tones. I just adore Topshop corsets and they fit like a glove too! A decent belt could’ve nicely concealed the point of convergence, though.
Topshop seam detail corset | People are People tulle drape skirt | Call it Spring Glitter Pumps | LV Monogram Speedy 35
I accidentally picked this pair of sparkly pumps en route to the airport during my Davao trip a few weeks back. I have a strong affinity for anything sparkly – be it glittered or sequined, and tried this pair out just for the heck of it. It’s probably one of the sweetest mistakes I’ve ever made as I egressed the store a few grands poorer. Why does it have to feel like a Cinderella moment every single time?
On to my day, my family had a lovely early dinner at Felix in Greenbelt. Early -- because It's a Sunday and you fairly know how the- I have school/work tomorrow, feels. I had pan-seared foie gras and the kids had this chicken dish with spinach and mozzarella cheese. YUM!! Notice how we're all dressed so differently; Ela (who takes most of my outfit photos, by the way) in Hamptons-chic, Isa in preppy-chic , and me.. well, just tres chic. JOKE! :)) 
Blowing thank you-kisses to everyone who made me feel extra special on my birthday last Thursday and the days after :) You guys/girls know who you are - and that includes the superb staff of Felix who gave me the cake! I’m putting off my 11.11.11 entry as I failed to have my outfit photos taken, maybe next time! Haha

Oh, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER ISA :) ENJOY YOUR DAY! Her friend Hannah made this video compilation of local fashion bloggers sending their well wishes to Isa on her birthday, which is just waaaaay too cool for life!  I’ll see if I can post it here :) à tout à l'heure! 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Summer Romance

I will never understand your ways but I know you have a purpose for me – read a passage by clandestinely peeping over the inspirational book the girl beside me was reading. The girl was flipping through the pages of her tiny book as if she was deliberately leading me into it; and with each leaf flipped, the messages kept on talking to me. Right on target, my insides giggled and couldn’t have agreed more. It’s rather funny how God communicates with us through the odd-est of ways. For one, I was driving along SLEX on a hot summer day with an excessive amount of emotional baggage too heavy that it clouds my field of vision. It’s as if my mom’s previous reminders weren’t enough, God I believe, sent my crush zooming along SLEX as well. I mean, what are the odds? Same time, same moment! Ahh the look on my face when I saw his car on my rearview mirror.. Just priceless. That 10 second-moment sure did me wonders! Whether it was plain coincidence or divine intervention, I really attribute small moments as such to God. I was never really the religious type but I make sure my faith is strongly anchored. So God if you’re reading this, I send my warmest messages of praise and thanks up in the heavens. I’m probably just too thick to get the some of the messages so you’re sending them to me in the most atypical of ways. 
By the time you read this, my period of animate existence has earned another mileage credit to it. After reading Tuesdays with Morrie, I’ve learned to appreciate aging and how it should not be taken adversely. You get how grown-ups try to deny their age, right? I’m only 21 for another hour give or take. So before I enjoy a full day of work (my birthday leave was just disapproved) and possibly a night of fun, here’s an outfit post from last weekend. Excuse the sudden drama-cameo, I could really vent out times like these. 
My closet knows not of segregation per season as most of my clothes are so apt for our tropical country. If there’s one thing I learned about my fashion sense through the years, I’m definitely drawn to pieces that can stand on their own. I lack the knack for accessorizing, layering and mixing and matching so a stand-out piece should do the trick.
I am once again romancing my perennial affinity for summer dressing. Publishing raw photos because I absolutely adore the colors of this dress. Camille Co is such a genius! I sadly failed to capture the back details and how the straps meet at the back to create a V-shape. I also got myself into the haywire that is hair dying. I've been apprehensive to do so fearing it might be hard to maintain with all the touch-ups every other month or so. But I guess it's worth the try?

Coexist dress | Trunkshow sandals | Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Speedy 45 | Christian Dior key fob | H&M necklace and bracelets | Technomarine watch | Vintage wayfarers from the US
I got the wayfarers from my Grandma last weekend and I absolutely love it! I think she got it from a flea market back in the US. Check the extra cute case!
One of my best friends ever Mae got me this pink driver's license jacket <3 Super love!! Aaand while we're at it let me be a living proof that girls don't suck at driving/parking. HAHA This happened last weekend after running errands and I was tasked to park the car on our driveway. I think this is as close as it can get. #swag
I guess that's it for now?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Punch Drunk

As the calendar sheds a new leaf, I am stunned, dazed and confused as to how I got through the last 10 months in one piece. Everything went by so crazy-fast I must be racing down in a neat sports car all along. At New Year’s Eve, I was gazing upon the firework-lit sky, imagining how the New Year will come by. Guess what? It was nowhere near what I imagined it to be. After ten months, truckloads of disappointments coupled with unpleasantries and hurricanes of blessings later, here I am, 9 days away from turning a year older. Dear God, if you’re reading this, I pray my work schedule next week will permit me to finally go out and have fun :( an extra rest day won't hurt too. Or is it too much to ask? Yours truly.
With writing being my only escape, It feels extremely frustrating not to be able to produce quality blog posts for weeks. My job has taken me to different cities throughout the country for consecutive weekends, from Bacolod to Davao just recently, then Cagayan de Oro this coming one. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy travelling but I also miss spending weekends bumming and writing. Kids, if you’re still in school, enjoy.every.second.of.itttt!
I curtsied the entry of November in a very simple yet colorful ensemble I put together in less than 5 minutes. I completely fell in love with the colors of this top that I got last Friday en route to the airport. You see,I felt the need to take a breather. Consecutive weekends ambush-travelling weaned me from my usual R&R at the mall, I miss it terribly! Where were we? Oh yeah, the outfit. I’m not too crazy with how this top fits but I can't say no to the colors either. The price tag became the clincher as it was on sale at about 75% off. I despise how I keep on using sales as an excuse to buy. Never gets old, does it?

From fishing from shopping bags to unearthing from my closet; I used this strapless chiffon top with uneven hem as a skirt which totally disguised the two separates as a tunic. Finished the look off with my zebra-print peep-toes to give my outfit extra pizzazz. I over-siesta’d earlier so I was in a rush to have my outfit photos taken. I didn’t have the luxury of time to dab make-up on my face hence the sunglasses. Kept everything else in gold tone to match the hardware of my purse; being of legal age became my access pass to my grandmum’s purse collection. (I know I look awful in the next photo, but I love how the movement was captured beautifully. That's as candid as it can get!)
Running running as fast as we can I really hope we'll make it
Do you think we'll make it?
Topshop color block tank | Bought from the US top used as skirt | The Ramp zebra-print peep-toes | H&M Gold bangle | Forever21 gold chain fringe necklace | Vintage Chanel classic flap from my Grandmum
It has reached my radar that iheartmatilda recently wrote a short feature about my blog. Now, I still squint my eye in confusion as to how they were able to follow the narrow trail to my blog. I cringe in delight at this little feat as I am not one to claim a spot on the limelight. Neither am I the type to link people to my blog and ask them to “check it out”-- not that there's anything wrong with it, it's just not me. As much as I feel tempted to send in photos of myself wearing their clothes, I am overdriven by my shrinking violet-self and this pesky voice in my head telling me not to. But anyway, to the beautiful Gallegos sisters, thank you, thank you :) I’m really looking forward to meeting you. (..and I still want to get my hands on your houndstooth dress!). And to everyone who's reached the bottom of this entry, thank you so much as well. If you've been hanging around my blog, you'd notice how I'd get so into writing and I can't do with just a paragraph or two. 

P.S. It's not just you, I am deeply annoyed by the strand of hair caught by my lip smackers! Told ya' I was in a hurry, didn't had the time to brush it off my face.