Friday, August 31, 2012

Cut to the Chase!

You, YES..YOU, are cordially invited to attend the virtual ribbon-cutting ceremony and be the first to preview the next chapter of my cyber habitat..

SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Scissors, anyone? Time to snip snip snip this perfectly tied red ribbon and unveil my newly-revamped personal space. I never take new ideas lightly and this proved to be the best so far. The light bulb in my head ignited an hour ago and the call of change was too good to hang up on. You could clearly tell my current state judging by my new blog name. I'm still in employment-limbo and this new chapter should mark the quest for my true calling. It may be tough to seek for a collinear career line bisecting the points of science, fashion and marketing, but a sequined-collar job, I guess that's what I'm going to look out for. AND YES I coined that while choosing the perfect filter for this one photo I posted on instagram. Clever moment, I thought to myself, why not adopt the term as my new blog name, right? It's like being granted the patent right to a particular invention without having to actually meet the relevant patentatibility requirements and their corresponding legal fees.

So that brings us to A Sequined-collar affair , a little play on the color scheme used to segmentize different fields of employment, with a little (okay, maybe a LOT) stroke of glamour to its name! Needless to say, I'll also be moving to a new blog address which is more responsive to any risk of name-change! Starting next week, I'm moving to (As my Megan-old self would say it, that's triple-dubya-dot-Ana-dash-Reynoso-dot-blogspot-dot-com ). Unless of course an evil Ana Reynoso takes over the blogging world and screws up my predetermined and aforementioned new blog address, THEN we'll have a problem.

Until then, I'll be seeing you

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

From cloud 9 to ground zero to square one

Before my personal space spirals down the blogging black hole, allow me to salvage it this one time by tossing in a fresh entry. So what could this blog possibly missed out on? From a seemingly all-time career high, my go-kart on the corporate race track came to a halt and went berserk. Okay I'm exaggerating. Grown-up life happened and I filed my resignation earlier this month. Nothing major. I can't keep on allowing people to put me in a position when and where they feel like it. It's been 12 months, what the hell am I chopped liver? I believe I've shown enough resilience over the past year, but it's my personal happiness and sanity on the line, then we HAVE an issue.

I have a natural tendency to act negatively towards change. But not this time. You know those "it's time"-moments when you suddenly have to part ways with something you've been holding on to dearly (case in point: my beloved job) but deep inside you know it couldn't have happened in a better time. Sad consolation, but better than none, right? This may also be the perfect opportunity for me to pursue something else and invest in my future. I'm afraid I am enjoying my much-needed staycation for now, hogging the TV all to myself and running series marathon until I literally fall asleep.

I may have sounded the panic button a little early on. Technically, unemployment starts next week and so far, I realized there's no need for me to chase down every opportunity.  If it's for me, it will come. I don't want to commit to a new job just  for the sake of working and earning and busying myself until something better comes along, I mean, where's the fun in that right? haha

ANYWAY. Posting a recent photo of me after a long day of lunch out and shopping with my parents. In an Olivia&Fifth dress which is gorgeous but breast cancer-inducing. Go figure, HAHA/

ANYWAY, God-knows where I'm off to so while at it I am exploiting the wonders of television. Currently hooked on this new Amy Sherman-Palladino series!