Friday, May 3, 2013

Where we're going, we don't need roads

Business up front, party in the back!

A taboo, infamous quotation reference to such an exquisite statement almost defies its very purpose. Who doesn’t love a good surprise? For that special day Thursday the 25th , I threw in a little surprise number in the form of this sweet tea-length dress to celebrate a family friend’s 18th coming out birthday party, which is the major surprise overall.

I’d say nobody does cutouts better than Topshop, until my recent Miss Selfridge discovery almost derailed my apparent idolatry over this brand. It is probably more fitting to say nobody does cutouts better than [insert list of Brands under] Arcadia group. HAHA. Sir Philip Green, would it be too much to wish you were my godfather?!

In the end, almost all concepts fall victim to the theory of reflexivity. Just like how technology is the greatest threat to technology, at the end of the day,Topshop’s biggest competition is, well, Topshop. (I swear quoting yourself kickstarts a cringefest!) The design team behind my number one retail of choice almost ripped Kate Moss’ design for Topshop some three Spring collections ago. Kate Moss’ design incarnation came with the best feature you could possibly add to give this innocent piece a kick—a sweeping back cut out the size of Texas.

So don’t be fooled, the most innocent of fronts could just literally be a front and clearly this isn’t only applicable to human behavior. I could always start professing my undying love for cut outs and back-baring, Pneumonia-inducing statement dresses, but I betcha already read through that more than once.

Who wore it best part deux, if I may. Just kidding! I managed to unearth these photos from Georgina Wilson’s Instagram, with Anne Curtis wearing the exact dress some fashion eons ago.

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