Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rendezvous at quarter-two

Bonjour! While some have predetermined plans for the long weekend, my family spent it at home like how we usually do during holidays. Our humble abode's drawing power is too strong to overcome. I spent half the time watching That's So Raven and Jem and the Holograms with my sisters and the other half at the mall . After all, it's payday weekend so where else will I be? (my first, at that!)

Let's move on with the outfit shall we? It's been quite a while since I had a decent outfit post and man did I miss updating my little online style diary. I've been saving this dress until I'm able to complete my utopian vision for it. (meaning I'm NOT supposed to wear it until I get to buy the perfect shoes, purse and accessories to go with it!) Shoes and accessories .. check! Purse would probably take me a few years, so forget about it! This dress is too pretty to be stowed in my closet anyway so do expect a repeat performance. What sets it apart from other kaftans, is the cut at the back. It has a low square cut instead of the usual V-cut.  
There's something classy-Bohemian about this dress which instantly catapults you into a whole new rendition of the Haciendera look given the touch of the floppy hat. My sister has been eyeing this hat for quite some time so I, against a very tight work schedule in Cebu, just had to take some time off to pick this up from What a Girl Wants.
Purple paisley maxi kaftan from Topshop | Sandals from Forever 21 | Vintage web Boston bag from Gucci | Brown suede floppy hat from What a Girl Wants

Since I started working, I've regained a higher regards for family time. Ever get that strong desire to come home to your family after a full day's work? Well, I get that a lot. I am very thankful that we are still complete come dinner time despite our busy schedules. Since it's payday long weekend, of course there's the obligatory treat c/o moi! I treated my siblings to a Happy Lemon date in Rockwell yesterday.

Here they come, the beautiful ones..Before we got to satisfy our taste buds, we chanced upon Georgina Wilson, who was shopping for uhmm, well.. underpants. It felt slightly awkward to approach her in the middle of her shopping but she was so nice and gorgeous I just HAD to. The moment we stepped out of the store, we saw Solenn waiting for Georgina. 
We then met up with our parents, who were having their afternoon coffee in DulcineaChurros con chocolate, we meet again.
Pacified the kids with Happy Lemon!
Transferred to Benny's (Rustan's Makati G/F) for dinner
..et nous avons mange' dans Bizu
Je t'aime Macaron de Paris!
Valrhona chocolate souffle' with vanilla ice cream. J'adore..
Love from the West Coast. My Aunt and Grandmama just came home from a very short vacay (6 days, to be exact) in California. Why hello there Twinkies and Milanos! I'm having orange Milanos this time.  
My family isn't the movie-going type so mall trips usually consist of eating out with a little shopping on the side. As much as I just bade a huge chunk of my first paycheck au revoir, it felt so good to have been able to give back to my family. It's my little way of thanking them for putting up with me for the past 21 years which was anything but smooth sailing. I'm already thinking of next month's treat! Say it with me: Sophie's Mom :) It's been months since I sank my teeth into their mochi truffles. My teeth will one day fall off from over consumption of sweets. I still have a lot of must-trys on my list and I will get to them one sweet confection at a time.

I also had a separate trip to the mall last Sunday. It felt really good to be able to indulge once in a while and shop to your heart's content -- sans the nagging voice of my mother dear. As much as I'd love to blog about new acquisitions, I made a pact with myself to try not to. I'd still want to have that element of surprise when I post something new so mum's the word!

I'm flying to Bacolod later this week for a golf tournament my company is sponsoring. I hope my basic golf lesson from way back when would come in handy. *gulps* Work on weekend excites me! 
Thanks for checking in. C'est tout!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Make Yourself

For the first time in four months, I've finally encountered a heightened feeling of self worth. Apparently, my prolonged state of idleness left me lackadaisical for quite some time. It's one of those turning points we get to experience once in a while. This time though, it was a positive paradigm shift.

I was lost, but now I have found. Forgive me for incessantly quoting Brandon Boyd in the middle of my entries. It seems the guy has the perfect say for different aspects in my life. What can I say? His writing prowess is indomitable. I get that strong urge to blog after getting my Incubus fix. Getting back.. I remember being susceptible to depression during my extended vacation, as I’d like to call it. Truth is I just couldn’t find a job that could make use of my Agriculture + radio broadcasting background at the same time, a job that I myself, would personally like to engage in. It’s two-way, you see. My job offer couldn’t have come at a better timing. I was starting to feel world weary and felt that dire need to belong and be productive. My first three weeks at the office was quite enthralling. The first week was marked by adjustments and getting-used-to’s. I was very fortunate to have spent an entire week in Cebu and meet the rest of people I’ll be working with during my second week on the job. This week was a more serious one. I attended orientations and meetings. I also got hold of my new phone and laptop and OH! I finally got to move in my cubicle J It’s still a work in progress but I was able to bring in some office essentials like a mini drawer, organizer and school supplies. I like to stick to all things pink and girly; office-appropriate frivolity as I’d like to call it.

Here’s a clearer shot. That's not an ash tray you're seeing, it's a coaster. Table rings = pet peeve. 

My coin purse hunt has finally came to a halt!
My favorite find from Topshop Cebu!
It's payday [long] weekend :) Enjoy! 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cebu Photo Diary (part deux)

I hardly cook up a photo diary but I realized more than half of the photos I took from my trip were mostly of food. The food I consumed during that 5-day period was tantamount to a week's dessert. I had my fair share of Italian, French, Spanish, American, Japanese, Filipino and even German food. 
I pretty much swept the restaurant strip in Waterfront Hotel. Uno (photo shown above) being one of my favorites!
Our company hosted an intimate dinner with some customers and potential clients at a Spanish restaurant last Tuesday evening. I have a huge appetite for Spanish cuisine so imagine my delight when I found out it was buffet!

Snaps away! The culprit behind the extra inch(es) on my waist!
Chicken lollipop + carbonara | Moist chocolate cake + Mango cheesecake | Chocolate, vanilla & coffee Panna Cotta with raspberry syrup | I scream for Häagen-Dazs | Crème brûlée + mousse | French toast (my favorite!!) in maple syrup + hot cocoa | Canapes and sweets | Tiramisu | Spanish appetizer | Sashimi 

I feel quite rusty after my short blog hiatus so I'll keep on editing my entries until I get back on track. I'm still catching up on rest so that does it for now! 

It's back-to-work Monday again! Have a great week ahead ;)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cebu Photo Diary

I just got home from a 5-day business trip in Cebu. A lot has changed since my vacation in Cebu some 8 years ago with my family. Come take a peek at what's between work and sleep.
From LemeLeme.
From LemeLeme.
There's not much between, actually. I was lucky enough to pay Ayala Center Cebu a visit on my first night to pick up Isa's pasalubong from What A Girl Wants. I also got to satiate my Topshop fix! I spent most of my time at Waterfront (Lahug) for the convention and attending lunch/dinner meetings with my bosses.
I'm cooking up a food photo diary up next!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Just my luck

The weekend was made interesting by the strokes of luck that brushed our way. I officially signed with my employer last Friday, making yours truly, a subtraction off the unemployment list. That same night, all of my siblings got into Pottermore and just when we thought the weekend couldn't get any better, both my sisters won Little Miss Dress Up's Jetset Style Package which was announced yesterday!

My mother took me out on a little shopping spree to enjoy my last free weekday. I couldn't make up my mind on what to put on - and so did the weather! It was drizzling when we left home early today so I had a knit cardigan on the entire time. I only took them off on our way home after lunch.
Floral halter top from Topshop | Black yoga pants from Ross | Knit cardigan (not shown) from Bangkok | Aqua flats from Roxy | Aqua satchel borrowed from Isa | Green beanie borrowed from Ela (from Patricia Prieto at Blogger's United!)
I really love the detail at the back!
I had my hair curled today and I love it :) It's just really hard to maintain throughout the day because it gets frizzy when you sweat it out. Many thanks to the kind saleslady from SM Makati who insisted on trying the curlers on me. I am always a willing subject when it comes to make-overs. Right after my hair was done, I skedaddled to a dressing room in Forever21 and snapped away until a decent photo popped out. Pardon the silly and cheesy mirror vanity shot; I just couldn't help it because no one could take a photo of me. Hehe 
Look at this picture!

While all the vultures feed. I felt like the shopping vulture feeding off the remains of the sale racks! I have been eyeing this particular dress from Topshop since summer and I'm so glad it went on sale! Since I wasn't sure if i'll be able to carry it well, I just shrugged it off my mind. There were only two stocks left during the start of the sale season and I was pretty sure both will be gone after the buy one get one free promo. I was still hungover from the Incubus concert that weekend and didn't mind skipping the best time of the season, all for the love of Brandon Boyd! So I eventually started dreaming of the dress and it definitely didn't help seeing Daryl Chang wear the exact same dress during the Topshop x Preview party! I tried my luck in Greenbelt earlier, even peeping through the window before the store opened and whaddayaknow! One last, for moi! Story of my life. I'm so happy with my new loot <3
I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles in a maxi dress and huge sunglasses and eat at Pinkberry ala Lauren Conrad! I am so excited for Pinkberry to open in Greenbelt! 

Sandwiched between lucky moments are some mishaps at home. Of course, there's gotta be a trade off somewhere! The night of the triumphant registration at Pottermore, the electric fan in Isa's side of the girl's room went kaput in the middle of her sleep. The following day, my 3 siblings were lounging in Jose's bed so I joined in the fun. The moment my butt touched the mattress, the entire bed broke right smack in the middle! It was so funny we were literally rolling on the floor, laughing! :)) Funny thing is, I'm the eldest yet I weigh the least! 
So that wraps up my final weekend as a bum. Tomorrow I shall step out of the house as a more responsible human being. I will definitely miss my nonchalant days when I'd wake up and sleep whenever I want. I feel grown-up all of a sudden! No turning back now ; here's to the real world! ;) 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Under my umbrella

Braved the rainy weather yesterday to pick up the license plate and some accessories for the car over at Toyota in Alabang. I finally finally got to take photos under the rain with my favorite transparent umbrella thanks to my sister Ela who agreed to take my photos. 
White blazer from Glitterati // Blush leotard from Topshop // Skinny jeans from Mango // Silver ballet flats from Kenneth Cole // Leather belt from Gap
I scored this beautiful silver necklace from a random kiosk in ATC last week for Php 150 (a little less than USD 4) and I got quite a number of compliments earlier ;) Sadly, my skin develops allergic reaction to silver or fancy jewelry per se. I usually apply clear nail polish to my silver necklaces, at least on the parts with most contact to my skin.
I was quite apprehensive to drive under such adverse environmental condition, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. To combat the weather, I wore one of my favorite blazers over a blush leotard. I love the crispness of the white blazer and the sequined black piping all over. I'm telling you, Glitterati's got the coolest blazers!
From LemeLeme.
Hold the wheel and drive. The culprit behind my swollen left thumb due to incessant intense clapping during the Incubus concert. I wore these two again to adorn two digits on my right hand. By the way, I do NOT suffer from Hepatitis. haha
From LemeLeme.
The obligatory reverse parking proof photo just because I hardly do this. #proudmoment

From LemeLeme.

Enjoyed a lovely meal at Friday's. I had steak, nachos, broccoli soup (must try!) and lemon chicken pasta something but my lemeleme app murdered the photos and they were edited beyond recognition.
Hooray for free WiFi at Friday's! It's not that I'm being narcissistic, I just like to proofread my blog at least twice a day. My sister is a Grammar Nazi and I can't bear to hear any more "Ate! Nakakahiya ka... yahdiyahdiyahdi", so I do this just to be safe. I also have the tendency of adding (and sometimes, omitting) photos and descriptions to some entries when I feel like there's something missing or otherwise. That explains why some entries seem different when you read through again :) Editing doesn't stop after I click the publish post button, it's a job I attend to everyday.

I use an iPod/iPad2 when proofreading my blog entries because none of the computers here at home can display the arte font of my entry titles. That's how it should look like and not the typical Arial or Times new Roman. 
Spell pa-cute!
From LemeLeme.
I know, I'm such a generous big sister :p Goodies for the kids at home!

It's been a week :( I miss my Incuboys!

I'm officially bidding my nonchalant bum life farewell as I start with work next week :) I'll be working in the same industry as my father (Crop Science/ Crop Protection). I'm really looking forward to the 8-5 office work and I can't wait to redecorate my cubicle :) Oh, the office is only about 45 minutes from my home AND we don't have to wear uniforms so it's quite a catch!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Here in my room

Look at this picture!

As much as I don't want to drown my Incubus concert entry further in my archive, it is now a thing of the past. *tears* Here's another random instagram-heavy camera roll i took some 20 minutes ago in my room. 
1. DJ Bears' extra cute iPod speaker
2. The backside of my door 
3. Chandelier accessory hanger  from Claire's
4. Leather bomber jacket + sequined skirt
5. Favorite Roxy beddings