Monday, April 8, 2013

Road to #Sexy2013

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Hate to come off as defensive, but I've been mentioning about SEXY2013 since December 10 last year, thankyouverymuch. I'm not calling dibs on the term since I just tweaked/ripped off Victoria's Secret SEXY2007 theme. 

Weight, or body image per se is such a HUUUUGE issue for women. Admit it, a you-gained-weight remark is enough to empty your self esteem tank. It's almost sacrilegious for anyone to comment on weight but part of our culture also means slipping an uncalled for weight gain remark on top of a conversation list. 

Relative to my 5'6'' frame, I am actually thankful for my average physique which I was able to effortlessly maintain until after college. Stressing 'effortless' on this one as I was a walking bottomless pit who ate whatever I wanted, whenever! And then life happened; I had to go to work and an 8-5 office is a huge weight buster. After one year in the office, my weight peaked at a staggering 60kgs (August 2012) *GASPS!!*. And that became my one-way ticket to bikini bootcamp. 

Being a poster kid for summer dressing, I knew I had to keep my weight in check if I plan on retaining my much-loved halters and skin-baring dresses. I have always been very self-conscious so losing weight was my only option. 

I have been practicing pilates for a decade now. In the first summer (2003), my weight dropped to 105lbs but right after school started, my weight normalised again. There's always been a conscious effort to lose weight either by a) exercising OR b) dieting, it's just one or the other. I was never the athletic type and my jogging attempts would only result to walkathons

Last December, my friends and I tried boxing right before the holidays. I hate having to shell out money for something that can be done on my own but I reckoned a trainer's supervision is exactly what I needed to keep my lean machine going. On the first month, I was able to successfully give up rice and switch to oats and whole grain cereals instead. I kept my work out regimen to 1.5hrs, 6 days a week and kept experimenting in the kitchen find out which diet would suit me best. I barely lost weight. 

On the second month, I managed to gradually give up sweets (with occasional indulgence, of course), increase my vegetable intake and take calorie counting seriously. Although I already lost a significant amount of weight, my stomach area was still a major problem. Hence, on the third month, sugar and salt.. well, gotta go! Food tasted blander and blander as I went from skinny to skinnier but I was happy with the progress on my mid section. 
Day 0. Late night #pilates + cardio to kick start my imbento 40 day challenge  Finally working out after nearly 6 days of leading a sedentary lifestyle FINAL 40 DAYS! Do or die  PS. Excuse the kulubot right hand, whats up with thaaat!
That is how I looked like 40 days before hitting the beach. Since I started working out religiously last January, I was able to lose 6+ kgs in 90 days :) Keeping a strict diet and working out religiously should go hand in hand. A misconception I would like to point out: abdominal exercises alone cannot result to a leaner, meaner and tighter midsection. Do cardio and give up sweets and anything salty!! Trust me. 

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