Thursday, September 29, 2011

Preppy Royalty

In between shirt jacks and brand shirts, we can wear anything else within the bounds of decency in the office. I don’t remember dabbling into the preppy side of fashion yet so I took a chance on my office outfit yesterday.  
Cardigan from Forever 21 | Scarf from Peacocks London | Body con skirt from Cotton On

I revived this old pink button down polo and turned it into an improvised pussybow top by incorporating a polka dot chiffon scarf. The combination of pinkish blush tones and midnight blue + white polka dots is just adorable! Polished the look with the quintessential sweater for that final preppy touch. Nope, I wasn't wearing tights, I don't know how on earth my legs looked toasted in these photos. 

I did a little wordplay on Nirvana’s song Pennyroyal Tea, hence the title. Thank God it's Friday!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Black Heart Inertia

Pulled by a false inertia
Pushed out by circumstance
Walking alone tonight 'cause I've only got room for two
Me and my burdened black heart
It's all we know how to do
Sexy white shirt | Topshop heart print bodycon skirt | Janilyn wedges | Longchamp Long-handle Le Pliage | Anagon chain fringe necklace | Christian Dior sunglasses

It wasn't particularly sunny yesterday but a huge freakin' zit, sitting pretty right smack in middle of my right cheek, coerced me to put on sunnies. Malling [for me] is tantamount to a day's workout so comfort is on top priority. I whipped out my overused Sexy white shirt which I scored from one of the Rockwell bazaars last year and paired it with my favorite bodycon skirt from Topshop. Bodycon skirts can effortlessly dress up a plain outfit. I threw in my favorite chain fringe necklace I got from Anagon which instantly stripped the outfit off its boring element and made a huge difference overall!
I absolutely adore how Instagram can conveniently make your photos look tumblr-ready in a jiffy. I took this photo of my youngest sister Ela while waiting for our lunch at Via Mare. Now that's comfort food at its finest! 
I went strolling with Isa shortly before dinner, as the parents went to SM and the kids (Jose and Ela) went to Power Mac. I'm still a sucker for red velvet cupcakes and the ones from House of Silvanas didn't disappoint. 
It's about time they put up a new Milk Tea hub in Glorietta! Gong Cha recently opened in Glorietta, and I must say, it's really good! No wonder an awful lot of people is still on Milk Tea frenzy!
This necklace literally stopped me in my tracks and in less than a minute,I found myself ransacking the accessory section of Forever21 in search for this piece. How stellar! In true Ana fashion, I wouldn't dare splurge on accessories unless it's the fleur de lis necklace from Tiffany's we're talking about, then I can probably make an exception given I've procured enough funds for it. But after seeing how big of a difference accessorizing can do on any outfit, I gave it a go! It's gold plated, star-clad and fringed, how can you go wrong? 
I once again contradicted myself and joined in the geeky bandwagon. Nothing against the fad but it just doesn't suit my face until one night, I randomly slipped on my friend Ninay's prescription glasses and bam! It doesn't look that bad at all, or so I think? My sister Ela has been asking me to buy her a pair of geeky glasses for the loooongest time but as common as they are, I've never had the chance to buy one for her until I saw a pair in Forever 21.

Forever21 truly outdid itself with the addition of the cosmetics section. They have the cutest stuff from polka dot lint roller to heart printed shower caps to glittered nail files to jewel encrusted cosmetic brushes. You know me, I have a soft spot for anything sequined, glittered, bejeweled and gold! It's rather impossible to go out of the store empty handed. I took my sisters on a little shopping spree so we're all equally happy.. and the Best Big Sister award goes to... haha!
Birthday shoes, anyone? Scouring for birthday presents as early as now. 
Time flies, the Holidays are tiptoeing nearer! Took a photo with the polar bear while waiting for valet.
I send my warmest thanks to each and every one who's constantly visiting and leaving comments on my blog :) I've had quite a number of blogging attempts before but kept them all private and were strictly for my viewing pleasure. I have the tendency to be really passionate about writing so I made a blog to keep tabs of how I am doing on the writing department. About the same time last year, I took the audacious move to put up a blog which sifts not its readers. I knew, since then, making my blog available to anyone who wishes to read its content would mean subjecting it to further scrutiny. So from all the four chambers of my heart, thank YOU for taking the time to visit my blog, more so for leaving a comment :) each and every single comment is highly appreciated. To this day, I still shake my head in disbelief that Lissa Kahayon and Kookie Buhain once dropped by and left comments. Surreal, really.
My love was recently spotted in NYC :) Leaving you a photo of Brandon he tweeted a few weeks back, to cap off my Instagram heavy camera roll. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sugar rush

I'm nursing a bad cold + sore throat as I speak (in your head). I'm keeping my box of kleenex and a bottle of water as my trusty companions as I get through a whole day of work. I've been meaning to compose a blog entry regarding some events that took place within the week but I couldn't string my thoughts together to come up with a coherent entry worthy of publishing. I just received an invitation to work as a contributing writer in a local Makeup cum Fashion cum Beauty Blog. The thought is all too exciting for me so I'm giving it some serious consideration. I don't tout to be all-knowing when it comes to fashion and beauty. I recently gave my blog a little wash-over to draw that fine line to distinguish it as a personal blog. Then again, I don't want to box my blog into any one label so I may branch out a tiny bit according to preferences.

What's with the photo, you ask? My sister took this photo before feasting on Park Avenue desserts some two weeks ago. The verdict? I'm definitely going back for their cookies and brownies! Their red velvet, sadly, tasted too cheesy and a little less creamy. I like red velvet frosting which has the perfect cream-cheese balance. As for the macarons, they have limited flavors so I can't really compare them with Bizu. Plus points though, for being Php10 cheaper than Bizu! 

I'm keeping this entry shorter than my hemline today. The outside world (being work, in my case) is calling me like a nagging spouse. I'm having pot roast with apricot sauce for lunch later here at the office :) Mom sure knows how to make me feel better. Can't wait to get out of work, dive into my comfy bed and watch ANTM All-Stars tonight! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Truly Outrageous

Showtime, Synergy!
Before Hannah Montana, there was Jem and the Holograms.

To keep myself entertained whilst my favorite TV shows are on mid-season hiatus, I turn to the internet to catch up on other series. Thanks to technology, I was able to reconnect with my childhood heroes, Jem and the Holograms. To this day, I cannot remember which cable provider aired Jem here in the Philippines but I am most certain I got to watch it before. The opening and closing credits did ring a bell the moment I heard them again. Sadly, I couldn't recall any episode so I watched it again from The Beginning.
Truly outrageous that's the Jem girl! Glamour, fashion and fame..
I triumphantly scored this dress from Patricia Prieto during the Bloggers United Bazaar last May. The neon colors and animal print scream 80's pop! I wore this dress about a month ago during Girls' Night Out to celebrate my girlfriend-forever Kamille's birthday. 
Topshop dress | Forever 21 blazer | So!Fab pumps

Jerrica Benton-meets-Jem. This outfit is a fusion of both Jerica's and Jem's style on the TV series. Jerrica's more of the conservative-corporate type while her alter-ego Jem is the pop star. I tamed the dress by wearing  a black blazer over it and finished it off with my sparkly blue pumps. Of course, the look wouldn't be complete without the famous Jem star earrings
There goes my weekend! I was finally able to catch up on Zz's and quality time with friends and family. Food in Borough is absolutely delish! I can't wait to treat my siblings next time :)
How about you? Care to share your favorite character? 
Show's over, Synergy!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

White Fluffy Clouds

securedownload (3)
Every time I’m in transit, I usually request to be seated by the window whether on terrain or inside the plane. Even my cubicle in the office is right beside the window, facing the entrance It’s been a while since I got to revel in the beauty of the morning sky and the white fluffy clouds. I took these shots on my flight home from Bacolod. Frankly the only photos I have because of a very tight work schedule.
securedownload (1)
It was my first time ever to witness such greenery which stretches to the limit of my vision. Not a single building in sight (save for residential ones) until we finally landed at the airport. I jokingly sent my parents an SMS saying my blood sugar   has dramatically increased just by looking at all the sugarcanes! Bacolod is just awesome, especially the food. If I had to stay for another week, I'd probably have gone 2-3 sizes up. My skin tone has changed to about 2 shades darker too which makes it very hard for me to put on make up because my foundation doesn't suit my skin now.
securedownload (2)
I have a love-hate relationship with airplanes. Since it was a business trip, Tatay wasn't there to calm me during turbulence. My doctor used to make me and my sisters take medicines to sedate us during flights. My flight home was probably the smoothest ride I’ve ever experienced. From the top, you can experience the drastic shift in weather; As if you're in the middle of a tug o' war between cloudy and sunny. There I was, aboard PR 134 BCD-MNL.. I was beyond exhausted from my trip, yet I couldn’t risk welcoming sleep into my system. The clouds seem to have that panoramic stress-relieving effect on me. I stared at the window with utter awe.  Ahh the simple things. Wait, something’s not quite right. Until I realized Brandon’s voice wasn’t romancing my auditory nerves. My earphones were plugged into my ears but my iPod’s off. Must be the clouds. The view was absolutely breathtaking, as if we were flying through giant cotton candies in shades of untainted white.  For a good 10-minute, I was staring right through the window as if I was hypnotized.
securedownload (4)
My former classmate, Ate L.A. was working on board as a flight attendant. She was also on board during my flight home from Cebu and it was really great to see her again. She approached me on my seat halfway through the flight and handed me a box of hot meal which PAL only serves during International Flights. So many thanks to Ate L.A. for literally giving me a taste of business class at the price of coach! I’ve always admired PAL’s in-flight catering services. Even when flying to a domestic destination, they serve snacks on the plane. As much as I wanted to devour on my newly served meal, I wanted  to preserve its pristine state for my siblings to see so I ignored the demands of my angry stomach. Thanks to my mom too who saved me from hunger and treated me to lunch at Italianni's after landing in Manila.
securedownload (5)
Speaking of mom, my mom has been very particular of my needs since I started working. I've adopted her pet peeves and learned how to go around them. Okay, let's cut to the chase! My mom got me a bigger Le Pliage Long-handle tote in Bilberry (which is a very similar shade to my smaller one) and it's perfect for work! I've always loved the versatility of the Le Pliage line despite its ubiquity. It's very simple yet it looks classy and it's the quintessential everyday bag for girls-on-the-go. Finally, a bag that can accommodate my everyday cargo and my packed lunch! Well of course mom wouldn't let my lunch touch my other things inside my bag so she got me this pretty Houndstooth lunchbox:
securedownload (7)
She knows how much I love houndstooth so this lunch bag is a must-have. Since I've been frequenting airports because of work, she got me this very cute duffel trolley too which I can't wait to use:
securedownload (6)
My old heart print duffel (see Cebu entry) can now retire :) I love unique luggages because you can easily spot them on the carousel. 

..when the mind flows like beer. I composed the first 70% of this entry at the office a few minutes before lunch break. See the discrepancy in my writing? My workplace induces the production of creative brainwaves. Hopefully I can squeeze in some editing when I get back to work tomorrow. 
And yes, I got my title from Brandon Boyd's first book, fitting, isn't it?