Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The 2013 Round up

Without a doubt and with utmost confidence, I can genuinely claim 2013 as THE BEST YEAR so far. Not ever, because the best is yet to come :)

I miraculously unlocked the THE Topshop Wardrobe. No explanation needed

This is probably the only time I will talk about my extra personal life, so listen up, glisten up closely. Looking back at the bad slash not-so-good years I’ve spent, I realized the common factor: I was single. Yup, all 2 or 3 bad years spent being single were the worst. This time I vowed to actually enjoy and capture the essence of singlehood and it’s probably why I cannot just jump back into the dating wagon. There’s just so much to learn. 2012 was my tipping point/spring board so I’ll be fabulous on my own come 2013 J I was once the girl who feared singlehood like death. It’s not half as bad as people think! So stop bugging me and cut me some slack. I would rather WAIT THAN SETTLE! :) 

Too school for cool. 

Spring breaker gone bonker; I bitch slapped Project Weight Loss.

Life is indeed full of surprises. I unexpectedly landed a great job and I can’t be any more thankful. Still feels surreal sometimes. Celebratory goods anyone? The Prada Paradox

My 1st semester as a full-blown working-student unexpectedly yielded my first UNO in graduate school. 

Welcome to my closet, Sabo Skirt!

I finally dialed B.

Family trip to Bangkok! (Entries to follow) 

 I liked it, so I put a ring on it.

A very merry Saint Laurent Christmas

But then again, the greatest lessons cannot be captured on photographs so aside from what I've posted above, I've also raked in quite a lot of lessons. So how do you bid farewell to an amazing year? Answer: You don't. It's about starting strong and not let anything (--not even those silly trivial predictions) blur your vision. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Velvet Crush

I'll let you in on a little diet secret. What you can put off after-dinner can guiltlessly wind up in your breakfast plate! I never thought I'd ever see the day when I can wholeheartedly say NO to dessert. When I accepted the self-inflicted Boracay or Bust challenge, I knew the sugar group would be the only thing standing between me and a nicer, slimmer tummy and boy was I right! The urgent decision to cut back on sugar yielded results fast -- a decision 2 months too late! So if you have a sweet tooth like me, you'll be needing extra heaps of self control. Instead of indulging on that extra bite of cake, why not stow it away overnight and guiltlessly enjoy it for breakfast? Yup, you're welcome.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ain't Laurent

(without Yves)