Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Okay, where do I begin? And before you say 'where I left off' the last time, well, don't even get me started. Summarizing the last 3 months in two words would yield "[Graduate] school" and "boxing". Yes you read it right, boxing. Who died and made me Maggie Fitzgerald right? So it was school, boxing and then some. Amidst my stagnant status in this mundane rut, life found a way to throw in some real kick ass surprise while I'm at it! 

God knows how much I'm head-over-heels in love, obsessed with Topshop. Profanity aside. Okay so the other day, I reckoned 'twas the perfect day to face my burgeoning unread emails, when I found this message sandwiched between my Jobstreet notifications:
My eyes lit up, so what? It may just be just another end of season sale notification. 
To clear the air of false hopes, I had to confirm the email twice via phone call and SMS to my college friend working under a different department in RSSI. CONFIRMED. And my day spiralled down the sinkhole of productivity. 

So what really happened? Only one winning code was unlocked throughout the entire duration of the promo, hence its 5-day extension. I was told by the lady from RSSI that they randomly generated all the entries to determine the 9 winners, myself included. YOWZAA!