Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Young, stressed but girl you're well-dressed

The sight of virtual cobwebs and the dingy smell of abandonment. I have been snoozing my last-entry incubation alarm off for the past few weeks. Frankly my mind could maximize the full two day break each week aka weekends doing absolutely nothing. Drafted a few entries only to crumple the idea and shoot 'em straight up to the dumpster at the end of the day. What have I been really up to for the past month?

My idea of a perfect weekend involves some peace and quiet at home, popping in my favorite series for an all-day eye sore-inducing series marathon. I can only take light comedy-drama story lines given a very stressful busy weekday schedule, it's the least I can do to desaturate my brain and simmer down stress levels. Putting my obsession over West Coast teen dramas (The O.C., 90210, The Hills, etc.) aside, it's a long way down Route 66 which brings us to Sunny Arizona to play The Lying Game. 
I anticipate teen-series like a cult follower. I knew this was bound to be a hit on day 1, it had me on Sara Shepard adaptation. Basically revolves around the twins-separated-at-birth with their lives bound by a huge web of lies- kind of plot. I find it a little less dragging than Pretty Little Liars with leads leading them into actual useful facts on the search for their biological mother. Each episode is sure to leave you wanting more. Trust me!

Exhibit B. This is an instant pick-me-upper, a far cry from the suspense, mystery that is the Lying Game.

It took me a few re runs before I got hooked with the series. It's got a little Devil Wears Prada going on and I love it. Very entertaining and fasyown!

When not at home being a professional couch potato on weekends, I face the everyday stresses of the working class on most days of the week. This week has been particularly surprising in a good way. Not technically promoted, but as far as functional guidance-directives is concerned, I just took half a step up in the corporate ladder :) reporting straight to our country business manager, aka the big boss! (Bypass'ed a supervisor and a manager I once reported to). The sound of it is a wee bit scary but the challenge is what I'm up for. You don't expect to further your game by always staying on the safe side right? And then there will always be prospect game changers in the form of *coughs* higher-paying *coughs* job opportunities. Turning it down and sticking to what your gut feeling tells you. Salary isn't always the clincher. 

With the progress I'm making at work, compensatory treats are in order. Some Thursday ago was an "I made it" -kind of day. Hopped in my car right after working overtime and went straight to the mall. For a few hours I felt like an accomplished young professional shopping after hours. Naaaks! Everything I bought is within reason (and budget). This is the part when I'm squealing with excitement..
..Because gold paper bags never fail to elicit squeals of delight..Some things go swiftly when unplanned. It feels an awful lot different spending money from your own pocket and not your parents’. Yes, those gruesome hours and near-break down moments stressing over deadlines finally paid off. My first after-office trip to the mall alone turned out to be a very fulfilling one :) :) :) :) 

I barely have time between work and rest and this entry has been idly sitting in my drafts folder for nearly a month now. Publishing just for the heck of it..