Sunday, April 29, 2012

Tragic Kingdom

I’d say I got into a love squabble with Edward Scissorhands, but I’m not that twisted and I lack the sense of humor to back it up. In fact, I nearly titled this post Black Hole Sun just because my dress is black and it’s got some holes in it. Hahahmmm..NO! Lately, I’ve been treading the waters of yesteryears, from my choice of music to TV series and now fashion. 

I’m a proud 90s kid, I’m only a month shy from being dubbed as a 90s baby, FYI.  Cabbage patch dolls, Polly Pocket, Jenga, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys (..and how I’d pair them up in my head as a little girl made me swoon), Beanie Babies and Gameboys. The list continues.. In my head I’m conjuring up images of sugar, spice and everything nice being concocted in a cauldron, as if I saw life through a huge View Master, flashing holograms right before my very eyes.
Style Staple cut-out maxi dress | Louis Vuitton Palermo GM | Salvatore Ferragamo strappy wedges | H&M bangle 
I grew up in the care of an uncle who would put me to sleep in Nirvana and Soundgarden. #truestory Unplugged album naman ‘yon. If the 90s decade had a theme song, it will definitely be Smells like Teen Spirit or Don’t Speak or maybe Semi-Charmed life. I want something else.. I can still remember MTVs heyday when it was pure music 24/7, no fuss, no reality show BS and then my mom would persistently try to park our channel elsewhere. She’d attribute our misconduct from watching too much MTV but really Ma, we were just waiting for the new BSB music vid! At a mere age of 6, I couldn’t really understand what was going on then, all I know is, I find the Black Hole Sun video quite amusing at how it gave a whole new definition to “Barbie-cue”. As a kid it only takes a catchy tune for a song to be dubbed a favorite. Sure I’d sing emptily to the lyrics but it took me at least a decade to realize the songs I once sang to, was all about sex or crystal meth. 
I’ve divested quite a number of hours from work to do an intensive research about this decade to somehow awaken a part of my memory in limbo. From “Are You Afraid of the Dark” to “Titanic” to “Jurassic Park” to “Sweet Valley” and those countless animated Disney films now deemed classic – it was pop culture beefed up! I don’t know why I’m so engrossed with this decade, maybe it’s a hit of the moment – thing. Pun intended.

The 90s fashion probably wasn’t able to leave a lasting impression as the 40s pin up or the 70s bell bottoms, as it was collectively characterized by minimalist aesthetic. Of course I didn’t write a novel for an introduction for nothing. There’s just something so 90s grunge with my outfit and I’m not used to it. Judging from this entry, and this one, you would have concluded by now how much I adore cut-out details. I usually limit my exposure to my back side (may ganun?) but this a keeper since 1) it’s a maxi dress and 2) the cut outs are rather slimming. I was never really the conservative type anyway. I was worried my excess volume might seep out of the cut outs but hey, it’s all about proper posture.

This piece should be the poster dress for balance should such a thing exists. What it lacks in abdominal coverage, it makes up for in length. I can pass for a music festival-goer with the hair and the hat and the sunglasses and oversized purse. Dear Arvie, in case you miraculously find your way into my blog, do know that this dress is poised to run for favorites! :) 
Anything you miss about the 90s? Let's take it to the comment box below! 


Em said...

love the glass and the dress! <3

Liezyl Gomez said...

spice girls, haha! love the dress btw!

Ana Maria said...

@ Em - Thanks dear :)

@ Liezyl - HAH :) Thanks ;)

mestizay said...

i love this dress so sexay!!!:)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Maureen :) haha natawa naman akoo

Wonder Woman said...

Wit wiw! So sexy! And can I just say... when I saw the first picture, Edward Scissorhands also came to mind? Really LOVE your blog :)

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Ana Maria said...

Hi Angel :) Thanks so muuuuch <3

Chyrel Gomez said...

Damn! You look so sexy!! I miss the 90's too! And I am so singing semi-charmed kind of life right now. XD

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Chy :> I looove that song!!

Kookie B. said...

Hot! love the dress,

Kinga said...

Great dress. ! I love LV :)

kisses Kinga

Glaiza said...

wow! this is so sexy! <3 Love it!

btw, i have giveaway right now! mind joining? :)

kath said...

love the detail of your dress! :)

Sandra Y. said...

love your dress.. i wish i can wear that soon.. especially the details on it.. sexy...
i'm a new follower :)

by the way, please check out my blog too and if you don't mind please follow my blog via google connect.. thank you so much :) oopss, im your new follower :)


Noelle Chantal said...

Gorgeous cut out maxi! Plus the hat, simple low strappy shoes and classi LV, classy combination! I love this outfit! And I am a huge fan of 90's style. :)

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QUEENIE G. said...

Oh wow! what a lovely dress, you look so stunning.. Cheers. im following you!

Adriana said...

wow you look amazing in this maxi dress!

Jhavoo Morgia said...

Like a goddess!