Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fool's

April Fool's date with my girl friend Kamille (uyy!)! Bet ya don't remember this Kams, we also went out on a date April Fool's last year when you made me chug down my first bottle of beer. HAHA I love You! Oh, and Dean, thanks for this mala-Johnson-and-Johnsons-pure-essentials photo!

So yesterday, Kams and I killed time in Forever21 & Bon Chon Megamall before taking a cab to Marikina to spend time with our good friend, Nikko Ramos aka Tyler (of Magic 89.9 fame) and our orgmates. Back in my LBFM 97.4 (UPLB's college radio -- country's premier college radio, proud to say) DJ-ing days, Nikko and I hosted a two-hour music countdown program every Fridays, circa 2009 (so did he and Kams back in 2008). 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIKKO, you will always be my most stylish college radio show partner! :)

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