Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Aztec Enchantment

From the woven hammocks to the catwalk, looks like fashion is under some heavy tribal influence. Prints are definitely getting bigger and bolder this year with Aztec and Navajo-inspired prints taking over the fashion scene. Contemporary lines, modern graphics mixed with ancient arts blanched in bright colors in contrasting tones and relaxed neutrals make this trend perfect for spring/summer. Could this trend be any more festive?
Looking for Lola dress | WAGW brown suede floppy hat | The Librarians 
ruby red cut out wedges | Vintage sunglasses from my grandma
Here’s yet another vintage find from Looking for Lola, nobody does sophisticated vintage fashion better than the duo behind the label. They swiftly draw the fine line between vintage and pre-loved clothing. I love the combination of pastel hues and earth tones over the dominant mustard color. The colorful buntings on the straps and neckline add a playful touch to the tribal graphics. This is the perfect slip-on summer dress which is both trendy and comfortable; the best part is, it’s a steal at $15! Woooh, dancing around the bonfire now! 
Chased after what’s left of the afternoon sunshine en route to buy some refreshments outside our village. We got to wrap up my obligatory outfit shoot in 10 minutes, thanks to my sisters Ela for taking my photos and Isa for being the look out! 
 This dress makes me want to braid my hair (maybe add a feather or two?), grab my fringed leather sling bag, slip on suede moccasins and hop on a train to Brrzona. In Pocahontas' language, I now bid you AnaOkay, time to pick up my bow and shoot some arrows! 


Daphne said...

I love the dress. Perfect for this hot weather plus you'll stand out in orange. Very lovely.

Plus I read your about me, you had me at MINT MILANOS!!! :)

I'll follow you, follow back if you want. :)


mestizay said...

pretty printed dress babe!

Ana Maria said...

@ Daphne - Aw thanks for the sweet words :) yes sure!

@ Maureen - Thanks Maureen <3

Carol said...

Love that dress and the colors are fab! You look really beautiful!!


Wonder Woman said...

Love the hat! Very Blair Waldorf :)


Ana Maria said...

@ Carol - Thanks so much :)

@ Angel - Hi Angel, thank you! :)

Maria said...

I love the hat! :)

Ana Maria said...

Hi Maria :) Thanks!

Squared said...

Awesome blog! Will keep coming for more. Come by and let's follow each other! Stay in touch hun ;) xx

Ana Maria said...

@ Squared - So nice of you ;) Thanks so much!

Sam said...

LOVE your shoes! :)


Adriana said...

I am really loving this outfit, it's so bohemian. I love your dress!

Ana Maria said...

@ Sam - Thanks so much Sam ;)

@Adriana - Thanks Adriana :)

Eden said...

quite the print of the moment! loving this dress--wishing i could pull it off, probly not, but you do it so well. gorgeous as always!


Noelle Chantal said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the print, so unique! :) And the hat goes so well with the outfit :)

Kumiko Mae said...

oh shoot! i love your dress!

Ana Maria said...

@ Eden - Thanks so much Eden :) love your beach photos!!

@ Noelle Chantal - Thanks so much :)

@ Kumiko Mae - THANKS :D

Chyrel Gomez said...

i like! i haven't been blog hopping for a while and i am really liking the transition with your style and blog. =)

Jhavoo Morgia said...

I like the Pocahontas inspired look!