Thursday, April 26, 2012

This space is the love child of her lust for fashion and her on-again-off-again affair with writing

On BloggingOnce in a while I give my blog a few shots of botox to keep it a-blasé. I tinker with words until I find the perfect ones that would describe my vision for this blog.  For a moment, I thought of deleting my short ‘about me’ spiel in place of that phrase I typed in as my title. Yes that was all me. I just don’t want to take a sudden dip then back out all of a sudden. Blogs are sprouting like wild truffles and I can’t help thinking about the dynamic, compelling reason for such movement (in an interesting way, of course).

With a full throttle of ideas, you got to have a strong will power to pull you back when necessary. My creative process is pretty much like surfing the crimson wave. I’ve said it before yes, long droughts punctuate short sporadic moments of overflowing brainwaves. So when it comes, I make sure I turn my umbrella upside down and try to contain everything. Every drop counts.
photo from tumblr
I was a radio jock back in college; yes it’s just a more sophisticated-sounding term for ‘DJ’; a labor of love I gravely miss. If there’s anything I learned from the experience that I can incorporate to this blog, it definitely is spontaneity and keeping that element of surprise. You can’t keep your show running just by segueing songs after songs after talk and repeat the process until the next jock checks in. Segments are the ultimate saving grace from keeping your show to grow pall on you. I treat my blog as a living art form; something that requires nourishment in the form of fresh quality entries from time to time. I sound the alarm when my latest offering incubates for more than 10 days, that’s near abandonment if you ask me. HAHA #chos

I’ve put some thought into another botox injection for my blog; the oxymoron that is the desire to keep it clean and minimalist without boring me out. Give that glittered background another week before I send it back to the VSFS runway. Speaking of segments, I’ve added a pseudo segment on my sidebar which I’m temporarily calling Microblogging until I find a more interesting name for it. I’d post new entries everyday if schedule permits. While main courses are being cooked, meanwhile I’ll be serving bits and pieces of updates on my sidebar. Take it as an amuse-bouche to a main course or as TV ad to a film presentation or a plug to a radio show. If I can’t maintain regular move-out of main entries, might as well share random photo updates of just about anything! I've been meaning to share this photo but it may cause a scandalous stir if I pin it on my side bar.
Photo from tumblr

I can't help it, Brandon Boyd's my happy pill! Ok I'm throwing bitch fits now ughh jealous rage! I just took a short break from work. Wooah, my insides should seriously simmer down sometimes. Here's to fresh ideas! :)  


Wonder Woman said...

I love this post. And that is all I have to say.

Liezyl Gomez said...

we both love brandon. i dont know if its a good thing or bad. haha!

Ana Maria said...

@ Angel - :) <3

@ Liezyl - HAHAHA :))

Chyrel Gomez said...

OMG! I wish I'm that girl in the photo! I like the new blog lay-out, btw. I wanna do a facelift on mine too pero I'm so busy and I don't want to spend so much time with those stuff.