Saturday, April 7, 2012

Take it to the Max

Hemlines are sweeping the floor! I love how the maxi trend backs up the disheveled, unkempt mermaid hair, as I call it. Like it's totally legit (#arte) to not run a comb through your hair when you're wearing something like this. 
Topshop denim button-down polo | Topshop earrings (bought from ABI / Overdose) | Maxi dress from Ross | Looking for Lola leather brocade cuff | Gucci bag
Seven days too late, I wore this last Friday to brunch and a quick stop at the S&R Sale. Hainanese chicken, yummehh!!


Maria said...

cute outfit!

Gellie Abogado said...

I love the skirt! :)

Anne Garais said...

nice outfit.. i liking ur skirt. :D

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Kumiko Mae said...

cute! i have a similar cuff but from Maldita and fuschia color :D i like your mustard one more!

Francesca said...

cute outfit! :D i really like your top :)

winda octavia said...

pretty combination color's !!
great bohemian touch i think =)
very stylish and trendy from head to toe..

come and visit my blog sometmes =D

Ana Maria said...

Thanks for the lovely comments ladies ;)

Jay said...

So pretty!! :)

Chyrel Gomez said...

Ana, miss reading your posts too! I love anything chicken, btw. Hahaha! And love the skirt and top. Gyspy ang peg? Di ako maka relate sa mermaid hair. Mine's short and I'm dying to cut it shorter.

Have a great week, will you? :)

Yna Amores said...

Love your top Ana!

Ana Maria said...

CHY - Ditto!! I just sorta flooded you with comments! haha Thanks so much :)

YNA - Thanks Yna ;)

ROXY said...

love the outfit ana :) love the top :)) stay gorgeous

Aida said...

love your outfit and the accessories are just gorgeous - love your Gucci!