Sunday, May 6, 2012

Star Spangled Fantasy


Throw in some Uggs and I’d pass for a sell-out reality star doing her rounds in the grocery on a Saturday. Can’t help feeling inspired by all the laid back, boho dressing showcased by Coachella attendees. (aminin, nakakainspire talaga ang mga suot ng mga attendees!) Common factor? Skin, sheer, shorts, boots, flowers, swimwear and did I mention skin? Lots of ‘em! It’s as if showing your belly is a sine qua none to your presence. Times like these, hipster fashion is taking center stage but before you start singing Faux-chella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh allow me to elaborate more on my outfit.

Hemlines are reaching for the skies as the season marches on. This pair of American flag printed hotpants from Topshop is the perfect go-to denim if you want to stay away from the conventional denim cut offs. I love how it looks so laid back with the distressed hem and faded print as if it has aged beautifully (when in fact it’s my first time to wear them out). From Plain Jane to GI Jane

TOPSHOP swing cropped top | TOPSHOP shorts | Trunkshow lace up boots | Heart-shaped sunnies from Shop Calico (redeemed from Chictopia)
Headed to the Country Club for a round of Tennis and Bowling with my family on Labor Day. Yes, you read that right. Little Miss Sedentary right here suddenly came to her senses and decided to try out something completely new- sports! 2012 is boasting of its long list of "firsts", I am so proud of myself. Oh, please don't judge my bowling score, I was a lot better on the Tennis court than I was on the Bowling Alley. I tell you. 

I still take crappy blog photos. Heeeh
Ciao! Confining myself to Starvation Nation right about..NOW! 


ROXY said...

love the shorts, shoes and your sunnies ana! love your whole outfit ! :)) its nice to know that you have a new sports :)) i would love to try tennis someday :p


kath said...

love you laid back and effortlessly chic outfit! :)

Liezyl Gomez said...

love the coachella inspired outfit! bet ko din magkaroon ng ganyang shorts!

Monika. Nicol. said...

beautifull short !! : D
i hope you can follow me ! (:

Adriana said...

Love the outfit, cute shorts! =)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Love your outfit, you're so ready for Coachella! :)