Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Only Child for a day

I woke up this morning thinking it would be just another Wednesday for me -- class at 9AM, drop by the field, meet up with boyfriend over lunch then go home. Apparently, I was wrong. When I went down for breakfast, my mom was giving me instructions since she and tatay are going to Alabang for their usual dates. Wait, what -- ? Did she just mention Alabang? I've been dreaming of going to the mall for the past weekends since I haven't been on one for exactly 24 days. I just miss it you know - strolling, looking at the display windows, trying on things, spotting something I really REALLY like and maybe even buying it (or saving up for it). I felt like I hallucinated during my one hour lecture class, which was cut short by 30 minutes since we finished early. Which store do I visit first? I'm that thirsty.

I decided not to bring my camera, to spare myself from getting shoulder pains. I also tried bringing my digicam but the battery is almost empty. Hence, the so-so quality of the photos:
The bilin list from both my sisters

Tatay took a 3-day leave from the office since he got sick last Monday and thank God he's feeling better now. He drove me and my sister Isa to class earlier today and then mom picked me up right after my class ended at 10AM.
Momma driving while Tatay was busy answering emails
We got to Alabang in time for lunch. I wasn't really craving for anything, especially after seeing my favorite word (read: SALE) all over the mall. After a pretty short debate, we settled for Amici.

Food was great, as usual

Pollo my favorite! While waiting for our orders, I skedaddled to Topshop to check out their End of Season Sale. Boy was I disappointed to see some of the clothes I bought last year! Worst part is, I haven't even worn them yet and they were down ass cheap. I hate the feeling; I'm saving the outfits for possible ocassions in the future. Anyway, no regrets :) I knew a decent outfit post wouldn't be possible beacuse 1) I don't have my camera with me and 2) no sibling to photograph me.. so I had to find a way to do it myself.

Broidery cup sundress from Topshop // Blazer from Glitterati // Bag from Coach // Pink ballet flats from Rubi Shoes

I really love the color this dress

The first photo was taken inside the Topshop dressing room and I was desperately pushing myself against the door just to take a full-body shot. Last two photos were taken at Rustan's where the dressing rooms were rather, roomy. I was able to score a few sale items from Topshop. My parents were in such a good mood earlier. Yaaay :)

Okay so the primary reason why my Mom was itching to go to Alabang is beacause we were running out of beauty supplies! Time to replenish!
Been using Clinique for the longest time now.
The saleslady was kind enough to give me three, yes THREE bottles of my favorite make up remover in the world.. for free! I love make up counter freebies :)
Oh, and on our way out to Rustan's I saw something familiar:
HI ELA. Look!!
From Rustan's we went straight to S&R for some grocery shopping. Im seriously enjoying my parent's company. I love the feeling of being able to talk to them about pretty much everything. I don't remember the last time we went out, just the three of us so I'm definitely looking forward to more dates just like this one. I love laughing with my dad and gossiping with my mom. Priceless!!
Hello Pepito :) I got your message earlier. I miss you so much!! Haha

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