Sunday, February 6, 2011

Scarlet Fever

Sunday Mass and brunch with the family. I'm wearing a vintage button-down shirt dress which I unearthed from our attic. I've had this when I was still in grade school believe it or not. I've always been the tall girl back then until I stopped growing when I reached 17. I have no plans of lifting my shopping ban hence I've been on my toes lately, scouring our attic for plausible treasures like this one.

It's my third time to wear this dress and frankly, the first time to wear it out. It would never occur to my 11-year old self to wear a belt with this dress to give it the shape it badly needs. I'm not one to easily give away my clothes since I always consider possible future use.

I wore my red Latoya platforms from Soule Phenomenon  (inspired by Jeffrey Campbell Lydia platforms in wine) to bring this outfit to life.
Jeffrey Campbell Lydia platforms (top)
Soule Phenomenon  Latoya Platforms (bottom)
 It's my post-holiday treat for myself which pretty much cost me my entire Christmas earnings (napamaskuhan). I had a tough time deciding which item is worth draining my wallet for and as superficial as it sounds, I went for this pair. Many thanks to the persistence of my sisters who convinced me to go with this pair. We had a long-running debate which usually happens when we're left to choose between red and black. Black pretty much goes with everything but red looks too divine to pass up. Obviously, red won this time.

That's me in my very un-glamorizing get-up, carefully opening up my delayed package last week.

I fell into a sudden shoe coma just as my feet touched the foot bed of my new pair. My highest heels to date (almost 6inches) are surprisingly comfortable and I'm not exaggerating. I love this pair so much so expect to see more of this on my next posts :))

I'm wearing a button-down shirt dress from Ralph Lauren, red platforms from Soule Phenomenon , blue aviator shades from Forever 21 and a monogram speedy 35 from Louis Vuitton.

Thank you Ela for taking my photos :)
My sisters and I are on a Pretty Little Liars marathon! Happy Sunday Everyone ;)


CHANNIE said...

I love the shoes! I was wanting to get them but I'm afraid I won't be able to use them. You look great btw!

xx, Channie

PS visit my blog sometime :)

Ana Maria said...

Aww thanks Channie :) thought about it too for the longest time. They're really comfy, promise! Plus they can instantly spice up any outfit ;) I actually visit your blog from time to time. Thanks!

AVA T.♥ said...

really awesome shoes!!:)

shopgirl jen said...

awesome shoes!!! new follower here :)

Hazel said...

bold move to choose red! it's absolutely gorgeous :D

Ana Maria said...

@ AVA - Thanks so much Ava :-*

@ SHOPGIRL JEN - Thanks for following Jen :) I appreciate it! Do you have a blog too? Link me so I can follow back ;)

@ HAZEL - The shirt dress needed all the "oomph" it can get. It's so old I reckoned red would bring it back to life! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Thank for the sweet comment in my blog dear! Anyway, love your whole outfit! Especially the shoes!!!! Followed you ;-)

Ana Maria said...

Aww thank you Efril :) will follow you back <3