Saturday, January 22, 2011

Charm School Drop Out

Earlier today my baby brother Jose took the High School Entrance Examination at De La Salle University - Canlubang. Since it was a whole day affair, my mom decided to bring us along for some bonding/catching up since my dad skipped class in Law School today to study for his exam tomorrow.

The campus is very picturesque and I am now having a very hard time choosing which photo to use as my main Chictopia  photo. I always plan my outfit ahead of time to avoid last minute changes. For today, I opted to wear my bluish gray lace frock from Topshop and since it's quite plain and boring, I wore a vest over it. I bought the dress despite its blatant simplicity because I find it perfect for mixing and matching and maybe even for layering. It can also give me a chance to play with accessories to give it the oomph it needs. I imagined a denim tie-waist vest would look perfect with the dress but unfortunately, I have yet to buy one.

 Periwinkle lace frock from Topshop // Shantung silk vest from Poisonberry  // Studded heeled oxfords from tOnic // Pink satin purse from Zoo  // Headband worn as necklace and floral barette from Forever 21 // Ring and bangle from the US

I had the whole Flower Child concept when I was trying to work my way into this outfit until I realized my accessories were screaming popstar. I've been meaning to wear the Forever 21 headband as a necklace since I loved how it adorned the mannequin's neck when I saw it.

It was extremely windy in the campus although some parts are hot and humid. I had to de-accesorize right then and there so I went home looking like this:

I had a hard time picking out accessories for this outfit thanks to Anagon and my recent purchase from her awesome accessory line!

Meet my brother. I guess the 10 year age gap is closing in with regards to height.

I forgot to take a close-up photo but I'm wearing a multi layered chain necklace with multiple green heart pendants! It's too cute , I promise! Ooooh and while we're at it, I'd like to share how the packaging looked like when my necklaces arrived in the mail last Wednesday.
I was expecting my smallest package to date so I was suprised it was neatly wrapped and packed in this brown paper bag. It's my first time to shop for accessories online and I was lucky I chanced upon the new necklace collection from Anagon. Considering the design and the craftsmanship, the accessories are quite inexpensive and shipping fee is reasonable. I'm very picky when it comes to accessories because I'm allergic to silver and anything fancy.

ANYWAY, back to the main story. After La Salle, we went straight to Nuvali for dessert since we had lunch at the school cafeteria.


Browsing for shoes while eating! Based from my style and personality, can you guess which design caught my fancy? :)

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