Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bohemian Rhapsody

New Year's weekend Part II

My mom celebrates her birthday on January 2nd. During that day, I am attacked by equal amounts of anxiety and eagerness because Christmas break is officially over. I don't usually keep New year's resolution, I mean, why set high standards at the very start of the year? High expectations may equate to greater disappointments later on, so no thank you.

Last Sunday, my sisters took off early (from the hotel) to go to our happy place Forever21. We arrived in time for the mall opening and we had exactly 2 hours to turn that place inside out. The clothes didn't appeal to me much so I settled for a few things. My style embraced the baseball season and so did my sisters'. It's our current addiction!

For that day, I wore something colorful -- and I mean really colorful.

I feel most comfortable in a flowy skirt so whipped out my chiffon dress circa 2005.

I first saw this dress on Carla Humphries so imagine my delight when I saw it in the store called Sari-sari. I adore the colorful print so I just fold the upper portion to use it as a skirt. I pinned the center part of the tube top to give it a sweetheart cut. Kept everything else simple with a pair of black sandals from Forever 21.

Black tube top and dress (used as skirt) from Sari Sari // Sandals from Forever 21 // Green satin scarf from Coach // Blue aviator shades from Forever 21 // Gold cross necklace from Rockwell bazaar
Another Red Mango stop over while waiting patiently for Nanay, Tatay and little brother.

From Podium and Megamall we drove southbound for Nanay's birthday lunch at ATC followed by grocery shopping at S&R. Capped the night off with dinner at home with family, friends and my boyfriend!

Time to get serious. I know the final 3 months of school's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster ride! Someone should strap me in!

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