Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre-Valentine's Date

Sundays are usually spent by hearing mass at 9AM followed by a brunch somewhere before heading home and relishing the remaining time of the weekend. We woke up to a different alarm earlier, to our surprise. Mom was asking if we wanted to hear mass in Makati instead. The last time I checked, she made it clear (at least to me) that we will avoid malling as much as we can since malling means spending (and that's not good). We ended up spending the day in Ortigas, killing our feet by taking the Megamall - Shangri La - Megamall - Podium route. Of course, not to mention the countless hours spent inside the mall walking.

We first went to Megamall since it was the closest to where we were and checked out Forever 21 first. I really love going there during the first hour because the crowd is still under control. After an hour or so, we transferred to Shangri-La (I just don't want to call it Shang, ok?) just because my mom was feeling nostalgic. haha kidding! She said she wanted a different "scenery" this time because we're usually in Alabang or Makati. The first thing we did was look for something to eat because my baby brother's already hungry. We settled for Wendy's ; I can't remember the last time I actually ate there.

I haven't eaten Frosty in AGES!

Meet Baconator!!

Some Payless Shoe Store, Aldo, Accesorize and Crossings Dept. Store later, I came face to face again with Topshop. Just when I thought the End of Season Sale couldn't get any better, the clothes were now on a Buy One Get One free promo apart from the 50% off dicount! INTENSE. I was very lucky to catch the last day since the promo was only for the weekend. What are the odds! I know I went on a self-imposed shopping ban since my mother isn't too happy with this habit of mine. I wasn't really expecting anything since I am penniless but the moment I entered the store, everyone was seriously going crazy over what's left of the sale. (So I joined in the riot) There were a lot of good buys still and stocks were an awful lot more compared to the branch I visited in Alabang 2 weeks earlier.

 Sorry for the sucky photos, I was obviously shaky and giddy when I took this. Or I was perhaps, sprinting my way to the store! I decided not to bring my camera again because I know we'll be walking all day and the least I want, is a heavy purse. All photos taken by Jose's iPod. 
Isa was lucky to spot the sweater she's been eyeing on for half a year already. The only thing missing is a "take one" and I know the only chance of me getting something is by freeloading from my sister's purchase. I don't stand a chance against my mother's quota-ka-na stare. Most of the clothes on sale are dresses, skirts and girly tops (apart from Winter wear) and all of those don't exactly belong to my sisters' closets. While thinking of a game plan on how we can ask my mom to buy the sweater, I glanced upon the sale rack to see this skirt that I fell in love with last summer! I took it regardless of the size since it was the only one left and it happens to have the same price as the sweater. I was still feeling extremely giddy so before heading to the fitting room, I grabbed some more clothes to try on. My mom was already waiting by the cashier to pay for Isa's sweater and I know we're on the verge of a heated argument if she sees me clutching more clothes. I was, and still is, shocked/surprised/astonished that my mom told me to pile my clothes on top of the cashier's counter! I love you Nanay :)

Sorry I just had to. I can't stop staring at them.

We had to calm our nerves so we stopped by for coffee and the view from the 6th floor is just amazing!

I noticed how long the escalators are that they actually skip 1-2 floors. After giving our feet some well-needed rest, we walked back to Megamall and back to Forever 21 to go back for the items we checked out that morning. As expected, it was crowded, typical for a Sunday afternoon that after paying at the cashier, we dashed out of the store and straight to Aldo to pick up Isa's sparkly sneakers! We've been eyeing that pair since it came out a year and a half ago. How can you not love Sale Season?

Froyo break!

Ela was able to score the sequined beanie at Accesorize! Imagine how our face lit up when it was finally put on sale at 70% off. We saw the exact same beanie at their branch in Singapore but it was too expensive. We were scheduled to meet up with Tatay at Podium a little after 5PM and when we got to Podium, the first store we checked out was Topshop. I really love that branch since it's not too crowded compared to other branches. The plan was to just "look around" and we did. Until both my sisters saw their most coveted dresses both on sale. That pretty much changed the plan!

photos from Topshop website
 Straight from the Holiday Collection! I was so happy for Isa I pretty much talked her into getting this one. The branch in Shangri-La had this but only in the smallest size imaginable. We were close to not seeing this pretty thing since the rack was overflowing with clothes! Thank God for my sister's keen eye she was able to safely retrieve this chiffon frock from the rack! Best part: it's her size and the it's the only one left!
AND IT FITS HER PERFECTLY :) Ela was also able to buy the floral dress she saw before ; not her size but it was the last one in stock! We can always have it altered down right?

I just adore my sister's outfit in this photo.

I had no outfit plan in mind so I just grabbed a white tank and a pair of jeans. Dressed it up a bit by wearing chained fringe necklace and rings.

We had dinner at this restaurant called Florabel and the food is just superb. I kinda wished I brought my camera with me but then again, I'm not a fan of taking photos in public.

Creme brulee my favorite!
So that wraps up my spontaneous shopping trip slash pre-Valentine's date with my family. You probably noticed by now how I like to narrate my day from start to finish. I like taking photos and posting them and writing the story behind them. Though it may pass as "bragging" to some, I'd like to believe it's not bragging if it's true. As bloggers, we all want to channel our creativity through words and photographs (but not limited to). It's a matter of respect.

Couldn't have said it any better myself!
We all went home happy and freaking tired. Nothing beats guilt-free shopping during sale season.
 I'm on a different writing mood because I'm working on my manuscript which requires more scientific knowledge than creative. Wish me luck!

Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine's Day :)

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