Monday, February 21, 2011


One subject I really enjoy googling is "celebrity off-carpet looks" or "model-off-duty looks". Don't you just love how they can pull off the simplest ensemble yet still look glamorous?

I'm not a fan of her but I do love her off-carpet looks! I'm still searching for a button down shirt dress just like this one.

I'm such a huge fan of Lauren Conrad who keeps it simple and classy.

 There are days when I just want to hide my make up-free face under huge sunglasses and keep my hair in a messy bun. Of course, you can just never go wrong with a plain white tank and a pair of jeans as your go-to peieces during dress-down days. I find this outfit as the perfect canvas for accessorizing so I threw in my chain fringe necklace from Anagon. Notice how I'm not wearing any other piece of jewelry.

Swing crop top from Topshop // Skinny jeans from Mango // Red platforms from Soule Phenomenon // Sunglasses from Christian Dior // Chain fringe necklace from Anagon

The first photo is obviously an outtake as you can see, I caught something in my eye. I ended up liking the whole paparazzi-ish effect.

I find myself overdressed on too many occasions so I turn to off-carpet looks for inspiration on how to keep it simple and chic. Common elements are scarves, loose tops, skinny jeans, leggings, sandals, sunglasses and statement purse.
Trying out different poses, thanks to my creative team - my sisters! I had no intention of putting my face in my header but the pictures turned out great.

Voila! I had a sudden change of heart when I saw this shot

Big thanks to everyone who are dropping by and following my blog. It's very overwhelming.


Jasmin said...

The shoes are really gaga like :> hope you are having a platform-shoe-friendly pavement out there ;]

Ana Maria said...

haha Thank you Jasmin ;)

jed said...

awesome shoes! i've also been eyeing a pair of shoes from soule phenomenon. anyway, i followed you, follow me back? :)

I Am DollParts

cherie said...

That shoes are to die or! Love it!

Ana Maria said...

@ jed - Thank you :) they are indeed! Followed you back :) Thanks for following <3

@ cherie - Thank you so much ;)