Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Getting There

This serves as a wake up call for me who is still stuck in the Technical Analysis part of my manuscript. Two more months before April 23 and I still have about 7 weeks to keep my act together. I'm bracing myself for sleepless nights and dress-down days but what the hell. Eternal glory awaits! (Harry Potter term, ring a bell?)

I really hate these internet breaks I'm taking too often but that somehow keeps me alive and saves me from the monotony of my work. How can I not get distracted? Pretty sights here and there.

My mom would always catch me wandering in cyberspace in search of pretty clothes. I just can't help it, they fuel me. While we're at it, here's another motivation for me:

I finally got to try on my future/possible graduation dress *fingers crossed*. It's from a local online brand that has consigned items with Crossings Department Store. Gotta love the classy wallpaper in the dressing room!

You're probably wondering how I still have the time to blog, well simple : I need a breather from all this scientific writing. I consider blogging as a mind exercise. Speaking of which, I'm seriously considering that 30 DAY CHALLENGE circulating around blogs so readers and passers-by can get to know about me more. It doesn't necessarily need to be done everyday right? Or does it? What do you think? Plus I want to chronicle all the deets in case I don't make it out of college alive! Kidding! Praying and keeping my hopes up :) No way I'm succumbing to this manuscript! I am more fueled than ever.

Plans after college you ask? I would love to go back to school, but not before I land a job. I'd love to try my luck as a flight attendant. My classmates think I'm cut for that (if only they know about my pressing fear of long haul flights and heart wrenching turbulence!). I'd be needing a job after college since I wouldn't want to depend much on my parents. It's about time I give something back to my family. Going back to school is another goal to increase my competence in the world out there. I'm not looking into a Masteral degree but more on something related to communication whether spoken or written, or maybe both.

But before I get ahead of myself, I have a manuscript to write and study. No time to waste. No time to waste. Last 7 hell weeks are sure going to be worth it!


Hazel said...

goodluck!!! college graduation is the best! i should know, i just had my graduation a few weeks ago haha =D and goodluck with the remaining weeks!

Ana Maria said...

Hi Hazel :) Im getting really excited and scared at the same time. But then again, before I get there, I've to endure manus hardships pa! haha thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Followed you back ;)