Saturday, March 2, 2013

Where do we go, sweet child?

Statement shirt statement. I have sorely professed my hatred towards message tees in general and my nitpicky tendency seems to come out rather naturally when it comes to any word I plan on wearing across my chest. Save for my Megalomaniac message tee, handful of org shirts and a plethora of signature shirts from back when they were cool in high school, I would never be caught dead in a message shirt. Yes, I once wore a "Momma said knock you out" cutesy aqua shirt during cheer practice, ONCE. And yes, I am guilty of welcoming the thought of having a customized "Brandon Boyd for President", only because I really think the idea makes perfect sense. And when I once saw a guy wearing a shirt that says "AXLSBACK", printed vertically on the lefthand side of the shirt, I wanted it rip it off his chest right then and there.  

I'm not just another kid with some serious issues so you can rest your case now. Explanation's simple, I feel uncomfortable when a shirt draws unwanted attention. I do not need extra pairs of eyes glued on to my shirt, thank you. 
She's with the band. Unless I'm an advocate of a particular idea, I'm keeping the words on my top to a minimum. Rock band tees are quite the opposite of superfluous statement tees. They deliver an instant edge of coolness; it's like the "boots" (yes, the footwear) of clothing. It's cool without having to try too hard. The best part is, it will only take a split second for people to make out of the message because rock band tees usually carry the band logo. Uncomfortable stares are few and far between. 
Forever 21 top & layered necklace | Topshop shorts | Gucci aviators

And they say Rocket Queen is far too strung out?! Nothing says "strung out" like going through hell week over again. 

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