Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Here I am, and you're Rocket Queen

If blog titles were tattoos, I'd be heavily inked by now. I was caught in a crossfire of ideas and one raucously bugged me for weeks. Contemplated on the idea long and hard as if I was actually going to have it permanently inked onto my body. So here we are once again folks, another name change. Aren't you glad blog title name-change isn't as taxing as a legal procedure? I sure am! 

Inciting a Rocket Queen Riot this time, in stark contrast to its sequined predecessor, I am not treating blog titles like disposable post-its on a paper. I am still growing, may be not vertically, but intrapersonally, yes, definitely! The say most kids go through a dark, rebellious stage during puberty, I guess mine came in 10 years late. I think I am so over the rebellious stage, I just want to gradually molt from part of my image that I do not need to burden myself with during the next chapters of my life.

From this day until the next brain wave consumes me, I'm adopting the blog name Rocket Queen Riot.   Just because it sounds cool and I've recently inducted Guns N' Roses into my short list of favorite bands, right next to Incubus and Oasis, and bumping off Nirvana to a much much lower position than it has occupied for nearly 20 years. Sorry Kurt, I'm on Team Axl now. I am one to take rivalries to heart.

Sitting at the bottom of the track list, Track no. 13 to be precise, off Appetite for Destruction AKA THE. BIGGEST. SELLING. DEBUT. ALBUM. IN. US MUSIC HISTORY, is an intriguing ear hard candy amidst a selection of more mainstream, pure badassery songs. Here I am, and you're a Rocket Queen ohh yeeeeahh! 

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The Truth behind Rocket Queen 

It had me on the title alone. But may I suggest that you DO NOT listen to the original album recording, you are better off with the Live Era version or Live in Tokyo '92 , you'll thank me afterwards! My first and only Rocket Queen listening experience ended on a bad note. My head started conjuring undesired images. Let's just leave it this way, before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton gained notoriety, Axl Rose, no scratch that! Axl motha' f*ckin' Rose was apparently, the front runner of this sickening trend. Instead of a staged, premeditated leakage, he exploited the "creative side of it" (if you can even call it that), which frankly, nothing in the likes of it existed before! Another classic Rock N' Roll badassery brought to you by Axl Rose. Which then leaves us with another reason why Axl Rose is a misunderstood, twisted -- if not,  musical genius. Yowza!

But don't get me wrong, apart from a catchy name and an equally kitschy music, I don't want my blog name to be misinterpreted and be taken out of context. I am merely using the name, I am not expressing approval towards the final mix of the song (like anyone gives a shit about this haha), but overall, I like the song. I like it as it approaches the closing chorus. You know, the part where Axl sings "woah no no no no no no no no no no no no woooah ohh ohh ohhh.." THAT lured me. It's about appreciating the song as is, in its raw, demo form, putting aside its volatile nature.

As for the Rocket Queen Riot, well, 'thanks to the lame arse security, I'm goin' home'... 

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