Friday, March 29, 2013

It ain't easy, livin' like a gypsy

The boho trend is all about throwing in aztec prints, flowy skirts, eclectic accessories and a whole lotta hippie attitude! The less put together, the better; some elements are meant to clash anyway. It's a fusion of eastern flair (think ethnic prints, beads, embroidered pieces, etc.) and contemporary western elements , and don't you even think about muting either one of them. It's all about making a loud, bright statement. 

A few months back (okay, more like a quarter of a year's-time back) my Mom celebrated her 45th birthday Mediterranean style. It was a jewel-toned kind of night which called for my fail-safe gypsy ensemble and nothing screams gypsy than my tribal corset and fuchsia maxi skirt combo. The bold pattern of the corset makes accessorising easy peasy. Hence, the neon orange tribal necklace with spikes, gold and aqua bangles from H&M and the purple and gold bangles from my friend Kams. Wide metal cuffs are quintessential to the gypsy outfit so I threw in my favorite (and only) gold cuff from Looking for Lola. Tip #1: there's no such thing as going overboard, extravagance is part if the boho-gypsy language so pile on those bangles! 
I finally finally FINALLY found the perfect excuse to wear my chain headpiece after months of trying it on and secretly wishing I can incorporate it to my everyday casual wear. It added the final Mediterranean touch and worked well with the other accessories I have on. Nicole Ritchie you little trendsetter yooooou!! 

photos from Google
And yes, I welcome any trend that calls for unkempt beach waves.  

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