Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bad Obsession

If like me, you grew up in the coolest decade aka the 90s, then you would probably remember this sweeping, power ballad called Sweet Child 'O Mine, which after its prime mid 80s still resonated through the next decade and beyond! You may remember bits of the chorus, or that recognisable opening riff, and maybe you were even annoyed, at one point, by Axl's screeching high-pitched voice. Whatever it is, the song is registered, somewhere in your memory.

On Christmas day 2012, I woke up to the 2012 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction blasting on the television. Since then, Axl Rose became a bad obsession. Ironic right? I grew up waving the Team Cobain banner since my family has always ALWAYS been solid Nirvana fans, so fangirling Guns would mean fraternizing with the enemy. And we don't want that. The name 'Axl Rose' conjures a hazy image of a long-haired, red-bandana wearing ginger clad in skin tight leather pants and muscle tee.   Googled him for the first time, and fell in love.
See what I'm talking about?!
Of course, this was Axl on his heyday. Did I mention he has some SERIOUS bootylicious he's an ass? 
Did you hear THAT?! I think my ovaries just exploded!

And there's an awful lot more where that came from! If there's one person who could consistently delay shows for hours, beat up fans for misbehaving in concerts, stop a show right smack dab in the middle of a song/set because a fan threw something onstage, run, jump, fly, dance (remember the signature Axl snake dance?) while singing WITHOUT missing a note or skipping a beat, it is definitely AXL ROSE. He is Axl f*cking Rose for crying out loud, 'he can get away with anything'. He makes millions while doing it too.

He is SO bad ass his initials are W.A.R. (W. Axl Rose is his real name), he got arrested over 20 times, is banned from entering St. Louis FOR LIFE, disappeared from the public eye for more than a decade, and the list goes on.. 

Happiest birthday to the man who once ruled the world in 3inch bandanas and booty shorts! Rock God Axl is now 51
There are rock gods, then there's Axl Rose. I'm telling you it should really be Moves Like Axl Rose!
HE LOOKS SO POGI HERE. You can never really tell he's the oldest member of the original GN'R lineup! 

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