Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lady Disick

It's not everyday you find something that suits your taste in the Menswear section (if you're a girl). Apart from the basics, I for one don't think there's anything even remotely possible for me to wear from the Mens section. That all changed one day when I accompanied my little brother to go shopping in Topman. I have always considered Topman fashion forward and groundbreaking in terms of Men's fashion. 

I had no ulterior motive when I asked my brother to try on this pair of tailored aztec shorts, to which he threw me a you-gotta-be-kidding-me smirk, but my little boy complied out of spite to his begging sister. Haha! The outcome was pretty obvious, we exited the store with this pair of shorts tucked underneath his shopping bag. But not for him. Nah-uh
Meet Lord Disick. The only item in my possession that will ever receive a special moniker. Just because I can never pick up the habit of naming inanimate objects. Some thing I can never understand. ANYWAY, ANYWAY.. 

My days of bermuda shorts and baby tees are long gone so I just threw in a button down beach cover up, beaded necklace and studded loafers, in true Scott Disick fashion. 

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