Monday, July 25, 2011

The Wild Trapeze

I spent my Sunday in Alabang Town Center (ATC) with my family. I was slightly caught off-guard with the spontaneous decision so I had to whip out an outfit in less than an hour. Here it is, my laid-back Sunday outfit:
I just threw on a sheer trapeze cover-up from Topshop over a little black dress. I'm so guilty of impulsive shopping that I bought this dress without even thinking of how I can wear it. I'm glad I did though, because I love how flowy and breezy it feels when worn. (So breezy, it has that pang-pantyliner-commercial-outfit feel to it, maybe because of the color or the sheer fabric.) 
This is how the back of the dress looks like. It has that low V-cut and a slit that runs to your hips so a decent dress underneath is an imperative! 
The glittery gold dots on the fabric won me over, so off to the cash register it flew! To achieve the whole laid-back look, I just wore a pair of black sandals and toted the ever-trusty Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM that everyone seems to have. Mall trip is never complete without seeing someone with the same purse. 
I finally had my hair colored 3 weeks ago, to which my friends would reply with "ah talaga?!" (really?!) whenever I'll mention it. I'm starting to embrace the natural waves of my [super thick] hair. I am proud to say, that I can now work the bun trick wherein you just tie your hair in a bun then release it to create instant loose curls. Magic!
Look at this picture!
Lunch at Italianni's
Look at this picture!
Look at this picture!
Meet my glam fam. HAHA
Look at this picture!
Houndstooth whore. Introducing my new favorite print -- houndstooth! I absolutely adore how timeless and classy it looks. 

Only 3 more freakin' days to go before the Incubus concert!
I'm telling you, I've been in love with Brandon Boyd and the boys since I was 14! To see him in person has always been a dream of mine. He is the quintessential delicious California boy with the surfing and perma-tan. Not to mention the long lean body and casual style; he's a really chill, laid back type o' guy. I've abandoned my hopes of meeting him in person for now, but to be able to gaze at him and hear him sing live, ARRRGGGHHHH!! Sorry, I can't put to words how excited I am. As a matter of fact, I'm already being robbed of sleeping hours out of excitement! 
He designs his own tattoos! How sexy.

I recently chanced upon the blog of Brandon's girlfriend and found beautiful (but heartbreaking) photos of him. Lucky biatch.  If reblogging is allowable on tumblr, hope you guys don't mind me doing the same. Presenting my favorites: (photos from Baelyn's fashion blog)
Namatay na lang ako!
*gasps!!* OMG!! *passes out*
See you real soon B. I love you so much! 


** Photos of Brandon Boyd reblogged from Friends and Lovers


mestizay said...

I checked her blog! swerte lang niya ah!!!! *grrr*
bdw, i love your sheer cover up!:)

Ana Maria said...

Hi Maureen :) i knowwwwww! Super swerte :3 thanks dearest!

fashioneggpplant said...

love your dress, i can't believe she has a blog, that makes her more human! :P

ENNAID said...

Babe, I adore your dress. I love love it. Hope you can drop by my blog. MWA!

Ana Maria said...

@fashioneggplant - Ditto! :)

@ENNAID - thanks so much dear :) i already did! Posted comment too :)