Sunday, July 10, 2011

Best Blog Award

Thanks to Mestizay & Yna for passing this award to my blog ;)

As part of the drill, I have to share 7 Random Facts about myself:

1) I hold a certain fascination with mysteries. Mostly circulating the death/disapearances of people: Jon Benet Ramsay, The Black Dahlia, Zodiac Killer, Natalie Holloway, Beaumont Children, Amelia and even the Bermuda Triangle!

2) I'd like to call myself a photosensitive sleeper. I can't siesta without my eye mask and I can only sleep when all the curtains in my room are closed. My room is painted hot pink and I asked my mom to buy silver/gray curtains for my room so it would be really dark inside, even at noon. 

3) You can't make me eat pasta for lunch. My appetite is on full blast during lunch time so I strongly prefer the consumption of Filipino or Spanish food because of RICE! To balance my diet, I usually eat cereals for breakfast and a lighter meal for dinner. 

4) I don't use swear/curse words. Unless, strictly speaking, provoked, I think I can make an exception!

5) I can't leave home without my toothbrush (apart from the basic essentials : wallet, cellphone & keys). My girlfriends and I even brought our toothbrushes during senior prom! 

6) One of my biggest pet peeves is chipped nail polish. No offense meant, I actually love having my fingernails painted, I just don't like them the moment, NO the second they chip off! Before my graduation last April, the last time I had my nails painted was way back in October 2009. I only use my forest green polish from Walgreens or my Dior Vernis 840 Rouge Paris in Risky Red so I can reapply when they start to chip off.

7) For my favorite TV series of all time, it's a tie between the Brady Bunch and That's So Raven. Yes, the original Brady Bunch. One cable channel had a rerun of the series which lasted for a few years until I reached high school. My favorite episode is their camping trip to Colorado and I've always thought Greg and Marcia look good together. I was also a huuuge fan of That's so Raven! I think I've seen all the episodes and I absolutely enjoyed every single one of them! I miss both shows.

..and my answers to the following questions:

Your favorite color - Gold or Hot Pink
Your favorite song - Echo (Incubus)
Favorite Dessert - Macarons de Paris, hands down!
What pisses you off - lack of sense of time
When you're upset, you - pray! Or sometimes talk to a friend, Tatay or Grandmum
Your favorite pet - I never had a pet because we're all asthmatic at home (animal fur = dust collector). 
                            Closest would be Vanilla Blonde, my cousin Alexa's dog! 
                            (and to think I don't like dogs that much..)
Biggest fear - Losing my loved ones
Best feature - Height or Thighs (just because they're quite slimmer than the average ; 
                     even smaller than my calves!!)
Everyday attitude - Optimistic
What is perfection - Per. Fec. Tion. It is merely a state of mind. 
                               It's that impossible concept most people strive to achieve.
Guilty Pleasure - Besides The Kardashians?Blogging about shopping. I feel quite apprehensive whenever I 
                          blog about shopping 
                          because I'm sure that would pass as showing off to some. I've said it before that this
                          is a highly self-indulgent blog. 
                          In the words of Sara Shepard, it's not bragging if it's true!

I now pass this award to:



Pineapple Monsters said...

I love the song echo as well! Such great lyrics! :) I think it's the first time I heard a person hating chipped nail polish, but I sort of understand where you're coming from. Hahaha!


Ana Maria said...

Hi Nix :) diba, kainlove how Brandon sings it! <3 Haha I don't hate-hate naman, I just don't like how unclean it looks pag chipped na ;)It's just me.

Jasmin said...

._. Love Macarons!!

Where can i get Macarons in Manila??
...i think that they are not available at Goldilocks, Red Ribbon etc.

Ana Maria said...

Hello Jamsmin :) You can get them in Bizu <3 !

Bethany Heron said...

lovely blog :)

fashioneggpplant said...

kudos to you for not cussing, such a hard habit to break!congrats on the award :)

Ana Maria said...

@Bethany Heron & @fashioneggplant - THANKS SO MUCH :D