Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tomorrow's Food

This kind of weather lures me in to bed which I find conducive for blogging. Presenting my weekend photo diary (mainly consisting of foooood):
My favorite bacon next to Kirkland signature bacon - S&R's, cooked to salmonella-perfection as my mom would say it. This is how I cook my bacon, medium well and not the typical well-done crispy.
..and for lunch,cheesy tuna panini and mom's home cooked pumpkin soup which I can probably eat for the rest of my life. I love it so much and it's perfect for the rainy day!
Hot cocoa float in the afternoon.
From LemeLeme.
No, this is not a boulder of chocolate. This I believe is the chocolate counterpart of silvanas which is known otherwise as sambos. I've been quite addicted to this since I was tiny lass and I probably won't outgrow my liking for it. I like it better than silvanas because of its bittersweet chocolate shavings and mousse inside.

My two siblings had full social calendars. Meet my one and only brother Jose and my youngest sister Ela.
My not-so-little brother Jose attended his first high school dance last night. I'm not used to seeing him like this so I'm posting this photo here in my blog. 
Top and heart-shaped purse from Zoo // Headband and boots from Forever21

Ela attended her first coming out party this year. Happy Happy Birthday Pat :) I played stylist for her and it took a while before we were able to settle for an outfit. Theme/Motif was neon and good thing I remembered this top from Zoo Ela bought last year. Instead of pairing the top with tights or pants, I told her to wear a black skirt underneath so it would look like it's a peplum dress. I'm telling you, a black skirt works wonders!
Are you in? My INCUBUS Concert post is coming right up! It's taking me forever to complete this particular entry because there's so much photos, videos and sentiments I want to share. It was the best DAY of my life even if they only played for 2 solid hours. Most of the captions and blog entry titles here are hailed from Incubus song titles and lines, if you haven't noticed yet. Blame it on Brandon freakin' Boyd for being such an amazing writer <3 *sighs* I will forever bask in the glory of his lyrical dexterity!
Photos from 160g

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