Friday, July 8, 2011

Victor, Victrola

Bat your eyes girl
Be otherworldly
Count your blessings
Seduce a stranger
I often fall into a trance of despondence triggered by various factors. Who do I run to, you ask? My family or sometimes my blog. Tatay would always remind me to Count your Blessings then suddenly, I feel loads better. I really am blessed with such an amazing family. 
She woke in the morning
She knew that her life had passed her by,
She called out a warning,
Don't ever let life pass you by..

Cozying up in bed with my favorite lineup of shows Top Model Rewind - Pretty Little Liars - One Tree Hill on a rainy Friday evening :) Seeing the trailer of Harry Potter during commercial breaks brings me closer to tears :'( I can't believe it's the end of the epic journey. The photos were taken during my graduation pictorial last December. I had two concepts in mind for my creative shot and this is the second set. I just put different pieces together and it ended up having that Victorian feel, yes? I just adore how the thick make up wore off and how the curls loosened so I just had to be shot in a different outfit. I seriously wish I can recreate such curls on my own.

[Dress, borrowed from my sister - Coexist // Peep toe patent Olive oxfords from Janilyn // Lace parasol, borrowed from my sister- from China]
P.S. I got my title from an episode of Gossip Girl 

Happy weekend ;)


WonderWoman said...

I LOVE the parasol!

Also... If I could hype blog posts, this would totally get a hype: Incubus, Gossip Girl and a pretty parasol all rolled into one? Classic.

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love the victorian feel ;)

Ana Maria said...

@WonderWoman - Awwww that's so sweet :) I really appreciate it!! :)

@Valerie - Thanks Valerie ;)

Anonymous said...

What toy camera did you use in your photos as well on the other post?????? Nice pix!

Ana Maria said...

Hi, thank you! I just used an iPad2 in editing those photos.

Mar said...

I love the floral printed dress and the parasol just gave the effect of spring time! Lovely pics - Mar