Friday, October 8, 2010

Eye Candy

I can't count the number of times i've asked for a Play-Doh set for Christmas. It never came true, until i've outgrown my liking for it. Let's just say it came a decade later, but then again, it's never too late!

The Ice Cream Machine!

First Concoction: Strawberry and Chocolate Sundae Cone

Strawberry sundae with Hot Fudge Topped with Candy Sprinkled Vanilla Ice Cream (left)
Choco Sundae with Wafer (right)

Pistachio Ice Cream with Gum Drops and Wafer

in less than an hour, my sister Isa and I came up with more delectable desserts

Seems like my childhood whims are coming in a decade late.

I thought my creative juices have all leaked out from my brain. Never thought i can still come out as artsy as this after all those years spent without any artsy projects. I was shocked at how i was able to beautifully catch everything in a photograph.

Life is sweet

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