Saturday, October 2, 2010

Feline Frenzy

Remember those new-on-video-release commercials on old VHS tapes, shown before the feature presentation? That's where the story starts. I remember how my sisters and I would watch our favorite childhood movies on VHS while curled on the carpet. We saw this odd and scary (at that time) musical performace by the name of Cats. Since then, all the songs sewn together, as heard on the trailer were stuck in my head all these years. I grew up not hearing the familiar songs as time as obliterated this grand masterpiece. Late last year, i heard the same familiar tune being played on TV. CATS the musical, was hitting Manila! Tickets were pricey and i was settled to sit on the very last row, for the sake of fulfilling my childhood dream. The buzz kind of died down the whole of summer, as expenses at home were escalading. Buy the time July started, the publicity was taken to another level. It wasn't until good reviews and clips on TV were released after the first showing, did i make my first phone call to have tickets reserved. Snagged good 'ol balcony center seats <3

The 30 day wait was excrutiating. Somehow, picking the last show for the season made me think it would be a bit more special than the rest. But believe me, it wasn't. haha I was literally on the edge of my seat the entire time. It was SPECTACULAR. I found myself singing along and bobbing my head. together with the rest of the Cats! The experience is too good, i am lost for words :)

Dress fom Coexist // Shoes from Trunkshow
                                                                                The Obligatory Chictopia Photo

                                                         Entrance to Tanghalang Nicanor Abelardo

Ana - Ayin (my Aunt) - Isa - Ela

Cats memorabilia cost a f-o-r-t-u-n-e