Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Let's Have Some Fun This Beat is Sick

Don't be a drag just be a queen.

Studs, leather, spikes, blonde wigs, leather, latex and glitters.. The attraction, no doubt about it, was the Lady Gaga Concert! The Born this Way Ball is the perfect venue to dress over-the-top without being judged so you can probably imagine the crowd: a plethora of Sartorialist-worthy glam fashionistas! 

PS. HI KAREN :) Thanks for the 1st photo!! Nice seeing you! I MISSED YOU!
H&M skater dress | Glitterati blazer | Aerosoles suede boots | Zoo shop heart-shaped purse | H&M accessories

For weeks I’ve been letting my imagination run wild with sparkly poufy skirts, sequined jackets, velvet dresses, etc.  Dressing to fit in, or stand out is always a choice. On the last minute I ditched all plans and let comfort take center stage once and for all. I’m so glad my mom got me this skater dress which instantly solved my outfit dilemma. I just threw in this overused blazer from Glitterati which always come to the rescue of any boring outfit. 
 I left my head and my heart on the dance floor.
The Born this Way Ball was the perfect venue to kickstart my youngest sister Ela’s 18th birthday week. As expected, Lady Gaga killed it on stage. I got chills the moment the curtain dropped, exposing a huge castle. It was overall strange, a bit disturbing but undoubtedly beautiful all rolled into one spectacle of magical proportions! Don’t hate, appreciate.

I have nothing but respect for Lady Gaga as an artist. If her performance doesn’t spell passion, I don’t know what else would. She gave it her all. It’s very sad how these so-called religious groups judge her over one song. One act does not necessarily speak for her as an artist. Besides, we're all entitled to express our own ideas, no matter how bizarre they may be. Ok, I got grossed out by that huge birthing-scene during the opening of Born This Way, but hey, it’s one way to look at it. Haha You gotta give credits to the woman who gave birth to the idea. Here’s to you Mother Monster for painting the music scene with your creativity. Truly you’re one of the greatest performers of this generation.

Oooh there ain't no other way
Baby you were born this way
Ela you were born this daaaay! :)

HAPPY 18th ELA! 

-Love, Ate


AJ Saavedra said...

" If her performance doesn’t spell passion, I don’t know what else would."

So true, Ninang. The woman's a blazing ball of passion! And it really sucks that people judge her without even knowing where she's coming from and what her words really mean. People can be really shallow at times. Glad you enjoyed the show! Too bad I missed it due to lack of funds. I hate you, poverty. Hehe. And happy birthday to Ela! :)

Monika. Nicol. said...

super outfit!

Alyssa Jane Saluta said...

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Ana Maria said...

@AJ - Hi inaanak I miss you. TRUUUUE. Don't worry, we'll catch her next time ;) Thanks for the greeting!

@ Monika - Thanks :)

@ Alyssa - Thanks for dropping by :) sure!

Charles Baulos said...

Hi Ana Maria! I came across your blog and enjoyed it, it's cool! I'm new to blogging and you're totally an inspiration. :)

please check me out and hope you follow back :)