Sunday, October 9, 2011

Out from under

The day when the corset was an old fashion clothing article worn during the Elizabethan times has met its demise. Women of the 21st century have successfully broken down the barriers and took fashion to a whole new perspective. Fashion trends have grown more lenient and seem to heed not to any concrete rule. Nowadays, an article of clothing can be utilized in a number of ways: worn backwards, inside out, upside down, or what-have-you. I’m telling you, a skirt is not just a skirt; it can also be worn as a strapless top, cape top or even a dress.
The key to get away with wearing inner wear as outer wear is balance. Since a corset is already a statement in its lonesome, it is usually worn with trousers or harem pants to juxtapose its sexiness. A well fitted blazer can be the secret arsenal to take this outfit from day to night. You might want to stay away from black laces with hot pink trimmings if you intend to use is as an outer wear, unless it’s a bachelorette party you’re attending, just a piece of advice J But really, who am I to say? 
Charlotte Russe corset top | D.I.Y skirt | Juicy Couture houndstooth purse borrowed from Isa

I’ve jumped into the corset top + harem pants bandwagon before, as seen from this entry so I tried something new for Friday night's outfit. I altered the look a tad bit to make it suitable for day wear. I just love the lace and button trimmings of this corset so I went all the way down girly boulevard and paired it with a skirt.
To stick to my black and white color palette, I wore this pair of brogues I bought for my sisters. Heehee, perks of sharing the same shoe size! I love how the shoes break the feminine tone of the outfit to achieve balance.  
Apart from zebra stripes and polka dots, another black and white print I’m digging is houndstooth! I call it the classiest prints ever, agree?  Apart from corset tops, I’m also digging bustier dresses. Excuse my code switching, I’ve been searching for a concrete differentiation between the two but I guess they can be interchangeable after all.
My growing collection of corset tops. Corset tops would also make a good substitute for bras under sheer tops. 

UP FOR GRABS! Sadly, I have to let go of this piece. 

You’re looking at a BRAND NEW WITH TAG corset top from Glitterati originally priced at Php 1,250. I bought this summer of last year and only got to wear it for a photo since it barely fits me. If you’re a US 4 (XS-S) this will fit you best! Material is cotton twill which stretches a little. If you’re interested or you know someone who is, leave a comment below this post or send me an email, the floor is all yours! I’m selling this beauty for only Php 500. It looks exactly like the one from Topshop S/S ’09 with sturdier zipper in front (aesthetics only, zip closure at the back). Available for local buyers only. 



mestizay said...

wow i really love your corset top!The collection is also AMAZING!
i like corsets but i have too much of a huge bosom that am afraid they cannot carry my size!haha the cup size always is always too small when the fit is just perfect! seriously!
it's a hassle!if that only fits me. i would totally buy that in a hearbeat!

Gellie Abogado said...

i love the whole outfit! speechless! :)

Ana Maria said...

@Maureen - I feel for you :) but you're sexy already kahit anong suot mo! hehe Thanks so much <3

@Gellie - Hi Gellie ;) thanks so much!!

kath said...

i really like this look! :) been looking for a corset, just having a hard time finding one in my size..

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

great corset collection! :)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much Kath and Valerie ;)

Yna Amores said...

Hello Ana! I like your oxfords! Where did you get them?

Ana Maria said...

Hi Yna :) Thanks! I actually bought 'em for Isa :-/ from Janilyn in ATC :)

Mar said...

You look incredible in this outfit! I wish we were the same size, if so, I'd probably buy the corset your selling! - Mar
-Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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Ana Maria said...

@Mar- Aww, thanks so much pretty girl :)

Mars said...

I really REALLY like the way you write your blog posts! :) I like blogs with substance kasi. And I love corsets as well! I bought a couple from online shops. I love how slimming it is. Anyway, the Mercier kit is 2k plus. It's expensive for me, but I bought it anyway because it is so worth it. :)
Mars of fashion insouciance

CutestPrincess said...

aww... such a cute outfit! love <3

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Pineapple Monsters said...

Wow, I love your corset collection! Kung kasya lang sana sakin yung corset mo, I'd totally buy it!


Ana Maria said...

@ Mars - AWW that's byfar one of the best comments ive ever received :)Thank you so much! Yes they make you appear slimmer and they help a lot in terms of posture. Thanks for the reply :) but skin care is something worth investing on ;)

@ Cutest Princess - Thanks so much :)

@ Nix - Thanks so much Nix ;)

Nadine Natalin said...

ingit i want corset din :| too bad it doesn't look good on me. btw nice outfit && just followed you :)

Ana Maria said...

@ Nadine Natalin - Hi Nadine ;) I'm sure you'll find something that works for you ;) took me a while before I got to settle on something that suits my body type ;) Thanks so much for following! Followed your blog already :)

Jasmin said...

Hello Ana,
of course you can join my giveaway, this is an internationally open giveaway (i just forget to mention it ^^ - thanks for notifying!!)

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Carla Violet said...

love the top! I can say you're pretty much into corset tops really huh? They're nice.. its too they don't fit me well cos I'm quite chubby.. haha . i love your oxfords too.


WonderWoman said...

I WANT THAT CORSET. Are you sure it's a US 4? Coz I'm a US 1 and that's an XS... *hopeful* Haha.

Anyway, I saw your comment on Mars' blog. How would you like to join me for a Majolica Majorca workshop on the 30th of October? Let me know :)

fashioneggpplant said...

you look great! i hve trouble fitting into corsets :(

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Babe Jane said...

lovely outfit :)

Ana Maria said...

@ Jasmin - Hi Jasmin :) yes I just tried my luck :) heehee

@ Carla Violet - Hi Carla :) Yes to that! Thanks so much for leaving a comment ;) AND by the way, you are not chubby, not even close!

@ Wonder Woman - Angel! :) I'd love to but Imnot sure yet of my schedule for the "holidays" :( Hmm It's a tad bit stretch and I can fit into it in a very constricting-uncomfortable way. I think It would fit a US 2 best. hehe sorry :-/

@ fashioneggpplant - Thanks so much <3

@ Babe Jane - Thank you :)

Eden said...

envy your corset collection, love! ironically i havent started collecting yet. :( uhm i don't really have much in the chest area so I'm afraid na baka hindi bagay sakin :(


Ana Maria said...

@ Eden - Hello Eden <3 I find them sexier on petite girls ;) they work really well if you dont have 'much on the chest area', corsets give a good lift, really! hehe

roxy said...

im loving your outfit ana :) so chic! love your corset collection , i just hope can wear one soon, HAHA! been hating my zits on my back area , i knooow! *eew* lol! anyways, i did follow you , love reading your blog <3


Vantage Point Vintage said...

What a lovely outfit! Cute shoes!!

Nicole D

Ana Maria said...

@ roxy - Hi Roxy <3 thank you so much for reading my blog. I once had back pimple problems but that didn't stop me from wearing what I want :) dont worry, that's just a phase.

@ Nicole - Hi Nicole, thanks so much :)

Anne Garais said...

love your shoes.. :) nice collection of corsets. :)

Kar Sison said...

I love the corsets!!! I'd love to buy everything. Hee hee. I just hope we have the same size. :S

Ana Maria said...

@ Anne Garais - Hi :) Thanks so much :>

@ Kar Sison - Thanks Kar :)Im only selling the Glitterati one though. Checked out your blog ;) I love the yellow BRE top from your new collection!