Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hysteria Lane

Incorporated a play on colors and textures for Saturday's casual outfit at the mall. My outfit reminds me of s'mores and yes, the colors pretty much gave it away. Make that candy-sprinkled s'mores with my rhinestone encrusted hot pink chiffon wedges.
I thought it was high time to wear these wedges out after months of sitting idly in my shoe cabinet. I like the sudden touch of hot pink to liven up the earth tones of my outfit. I wore a white ruffled chiffon cropped top embellished with rhinestones tucked underneath my brown suede shorts. The top came straight from the mail and I couldn't be any happier considering I didn't have an outfit planned for the day. Here are some raw photos I deliberately left edited for clearer shots of the colors. Thanks Ela for taking my photos!
Brown suede shorts from Topshop | White ruffled cropped top bought online | Hot pink Wisteria-inspired wedges from Janilyn | Watch from Technomarine | Louis Vuitton neverfull 
I cannot not talk about my shoes :) (I swear they're not that bright as they appear on photos) The release of the Topshop Wisteria wedges left me heartbroken when they got sold out even before I got to pool my then-college allowance. I have, since then, kept my options open, madly hitting virtual malls in search for replicas (for a lack of better term). When I stumbled upon this pair, it instantly hit all the impulse buttons in my body! It's one of those gotta-have-you moments I caved in once again.
Two things I love : rhinestones and chiffon. This pair from Janilyn highly resembles the Wisteria 2 Diamante wedges as seen from the photo above. 

I spent my Saturday in Alabang with my sisters, aunt and grandmama. We had lunch at Fish & Co. to take a breather from all the meat we've been eating at home. My sisters ordered the regular fish and chips with lemon butter sauce while I had the baked seafood rice. I just love anything cheese!
I sadly have molted my bookworm past and it's been more than a year since I last held a book. This book is a must-have for stylistas and fashion-savvy girls! It challenged me to be more creative in dressing up. The illustrations are too cute for life! Come take a peek at some of my favorite pages.
This book claims to be the ultimate guide in crafting your own personal style :) It won't disappoint, believe me it's worth every penny!

I finally got to enliven this entry after laying dormant in my drafts for more than a day. I felt so uninspired to write and couldn't bear to publish a half-baked, substandard post. Looks like Brandon's charm failed to deliver  its unwavering appeal to me this time. If you regularly tune in to the evening news, you probably heard of petty crimes left and right, innocent lives being claimed by the most atrocious unimaginable ways, girls being robbed of not only material things, but also of their innocence. This is the part where I let out a sigh of disappointment; the world, our world isn't getting any safer. 

If it hasn't reached your radar yet, one student from my beloved UPLB was held at gunpoint, abducted, raped robbed of her innocence, shot and her body dumped in a canal off campus. The entire UPLB campus and the immediate community mourned with her family. This incident shook the very tranquil community of UPLB, my UPLB. Hats off to the local government for the immediate capture of those monsters responsible for this heinous crime. Although these monsters (yes, I refuse to call them people. Just the thought of them makes me gag) are now under the custody of police, I am finding it very hard to trust security guards and tricycle drivers everywhere. 

And justice for all. Let's all join in prayers for her soul and for the recovery of the people she left behind. Keep safe everyone! And please someone tell me where I can get myself some pepper spray?  


Noelle Chantal said...

Love fhe neutral colors in this outfit with a punch of color on the shoes, very nice! :) Love the classic touch with the bag too. :)

roxy said...

i love the outfit especially the pink wedges :)) i want to have one of those :)) black one pleaaase :DD

mestizay said...

I remember those wedges! The color beckon me like a moth to a flame!haha
i read about what happened to UPLB and it was truly tragic! I swear there are way too many evil creeps out there!

Lauren Star said...



Abi said...

looking great Ana!

Ana Maria said...

@ Noelle Chantal - Hi thanks so much :D

@ roxy - I wasn't a fan of the color at first, and wanted something more basic but between hot pink and electric blue, id take pink any day :) Thanks for dropping by!

@ Maureen - :) Thank you! Yes, it's quite alarming :|

@ Lauren - Thanks for the tip ;) I was told they have din sa hardware stores!

@ Abi - Thanks Abi <3

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love the outfit! the book seems really interesting, i might get myself a copy :)

Life's a shoe said...

cute top! love the color of your shoes!

Gorgeous Clara said...

very cool shorts!

and I want that book!

Ana Maria said...

@ Valerie - Thank you :) it is! You'll pick up a lot of good tips in dressing up ;)

@ Life's a shoe - Thanks so much :D

@ Gorgeous Clara - Thanks so much :)I like how breezy they feel despite it being made of suede.

Pineapple Monsters said...

Love love love your outfit! I think the pink and brown matches well together!


kath said...

love your shoes! :)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Nix and Kath ;)

Mona M. said...

beautiful outfit& beautiful girl!<3
Have a nice day!

Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much Mona :) You too!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

LOVE your shoes! x

WonderWoman said...

Love the pop of pink, too. And I also love your top! LOVE LOVE LOVE! :)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks devorelebaeumonstre and Angel <3 ;)

goodbadnfab said...

The pictures are blowing me away. I'm definitely subscribing to your blog! Please check out my blog when you get a chance.
the personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane

Ana Maria said...

@goodbadandfab - Hi :) Thank you so much! Will most certainly do!

Mars said...

We have the same bag! :D and the size of the floral mary janes are normal. size 7 ako eh, and the shoes fit me perfectly! sorry sa late reply, i've been busy like hell and i still am busy. :( i can't blog anymore. :(

rizzalana said...

yay found another blogger from the south! ;) happy to be stumbling upon your blog dear. following you now ;)

stay awesome ana!

t said...

Nice outfit! Those shoes are a great colour!

Eden said...

babe, those shoes are insane! i don't have much pink in my closet but i would love to have those in my shoe rack!! btw, where can you buy the book? fully booked? power books? want it!


Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
I love your blouse !


Vale ♥ said...

Love your outfit ! You are pretty ! Kisses xoxox

Ana Maria said...

@ Mars - Hi Mars ;) thank you for the tip, now I really don't stand a chance do I? haha ME TOO :( Ill be very busy until Sunday :(

@rizzalana - Hi thanks so much :D followed you back!

@ t - Thank you ;)

@ Eden - Hi loves ;) they're awfully comfy too! haha my sister got it from National Bookstore ;) It's really nice!

@ Kimberly - Hi dear :) thanks so much!

@ Vale - HI :) you're so sweet! thanks so much!

Maite said...

just discovered your blog, i love your hair! is it naturally wavy? and is it layered?

Nadine Natalin said...

love your outfit esp your pink wedges

Ana Maria said...

@Maite - Wow!! Thanks so much :) Yes it's wavy, my hair's naturally straight but when I was in grade school, I developed an awful habit of tying my hair in a ponytail after bath, hence it became wavy :( When I had it colored 3 months ago, the waves became more manageable ;) thanks Maite!

@Nadine Natalin - Thanks Nadine ;)

Carla Violet said...

love the shoes!

Vina Yabut said...

May I know what book is it?:) And about the pepper spray, I think hardware carries one. I have one and my father bought it from Ace Value or hardware, I think?:)

Followed you and hope you could drop by my and follow my blog! xx