Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Heart Matilda

I’m starting to invest in office-appropriate separates that do not look too corporate and can still be worn on casual occasions. My pursuit for office-appropriate trendy clothes led me to IHEARTMATILDA , thanks to my sister Isa. Here's to resurgence of sartorial fulfillment whilst staying within the bounds of corporate-casual chic! 

Fancy collars are all the rage for a few months now.  I’m not one to shop for a certain trend (I shop only according to what I find interesting) which explains why I’m usually a bit behind trend, take color blocking for example – I have yet to do a post on that. When my sister chanced upon the IHEARTMATILDA website, I immediately checked out the available items and ordered away! I wore this outfit last Sunday to church then off to some errands which explains why I look haggard. Not to mention the occasional drizzling on a sunny day (hello frizzy hair!). Can the weather be any more unpredictable?
Top and skirt from Matilda | Purple wedges from Janilyn | Heart-shaped purse from Zoo shop | Key connector ring from a random kiosk in ATC | Plastic brocade bangle borrowed from Isa (from Rosanna Aranaz)

The owner is particularly kind and sweet. I easily swoon over such sellers, making me an easy target for sales-talks. When I finally received my invoice, the seller's name rang a bell. I knew iiiit! It’s Jessica Gallegos from 5 and Up and Johnson’s Pure Essentials fame! Remember her? If you’re a Candy/MEG girl like I was, you probably have seen her in ads alongside Cazh Collings. They were the Pure Essentials bffs back in 2002! So anyway, it wasn’t only until I got my invoice that I was able to confirm it was her. Kilig. She’s byfar, the friendliest and sweetest seller I’ve ever exchanged SMS’s with J  I’m definitely ordering again next time! If you haven’t heard of the store yet, I suggest you visit their facebook page as their site is currently under maintenance. 
I’ve been stocking up on midi skirts so I can finally give my pair of abused and overused Sevens a well-deserved rest. Common as they are, I never thought twice after seeing this skirt; I was smitten by the electric-pleated, turquoise chiffon fabric. Keeping this skirt company in the Sale Album is this adorable chiffon swing collared top (which I initially wanted in mustard but stocks were out!). Together, they make a classy and well put-together look that could take you from day and night dressing. J’adore
These wedges remind me so much of my good friend Katrina’s senior prom gown! [Hi Prom Queen, I miss you :D Please don’t strangle me for mentioning this! ] I love the contrast of purple and turquoise :) reminds me of Gucci S/S '11! Yes, 'cause nobody does color blocking better than GucciTouchéAs for the accessories, my sister lent me this melon brocade bangle, fresh from Rosanna Aranaz' jetset style package! Look out beloooww! :) Seriously loving the colorful purse <3

I recently squelched my wilting Twitter plant with brain waves after sporadic dry periods. My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw Brandon's tweet on my feed right after I tweeted! At least man lang dito ay naging magkatabi kami :p   
It’s not every day we’re both up and online right on the dot! As superficial and corny as it is, I felt the need to capture this moment! Thank you cyberspace for momentarily bridging the gap known as time zones, spatial disparity and mere reality :) Ahh what I would do to be that person next to you.. 
Okay, okay I'm gonna stop myself before I start professing my undying love for Brandon Boyd. Believe me, you wouldn't want to get me started! Apologies for boring you out kids! 'Til next  


Anne Garais said...

nice skirt.. and i love the feather necklace you got there. :)

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Gellie Abogado said...

I love the bag! Adorable <3

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

i love your skirt! i've been looking for a skirt like that. haha :)

Ana Maria said...

@ Anne Garais - hi :) thanks so much! It's technically my sister's :)

@ Gellie - Hi Gellie ;) Thank you <3

@ Valerie - Thanks Valerie ;) they're not too hard to find ;)

eji patanao said...

hello :)) tama ka, your look is so vintage yet sexy :)) haha, parehas tayo, mababaw din ako pag dating sa mga crushes ko :))

wild and fierce

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roxy said...

im loving your top ana :)) such a great find ! :) vintage na ang uso ngayon teh :) bet :DD


Ana Maria said...

@ eji - Hi Eji :) thanks for dropping by! Yes very mababaw actually :| siya lang talaga crush ko evarrrr! haha thanks so much ;)

@ roxy - Thanks so much :) Yes to that!

fashioneggpplant said...

your top is so cute! :)

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Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much fashioneggpplant <3

Anonymous said...

I like the shoes. (:

Ana Maria said...

@ My 2 Pesos - Thanks so much :) so do i <3

Mira said...

Love your outfit :)

lapetiteblonde said...

love your skirt!!=)
kisses pretty and have a nice day=)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Mira & lapetiteblonde ;)

Mona M. said...

your outfit is gorgeous! Love your bag,so cute dear!<3

Ana Maria said...

Hi Mona :) Thanks so much!

Chyrel Gomez said...

you did not bore me and i got kilig!! Syet naman!! It's soooo cosmic!!

BTW, i dunno if i mentioned this before but have you seen brandon boyd's girl friend? she blogs too.

kaka-inggit that girl! XD

Ana Maria said...

Hi Chyrel :) Yes Ive been hooked since I saw her blog, well for stalking purposes only :-/ I'm in love with her man! Some photos are just too painful to look at (like the one both of them were in a bath tub) :< HAHA