Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rendezvous at quarter-two

Bonjour! While some have predetermined plans for the long weekend, my family spent it at home like how we usually do during holidays. Our humble abode's drawing power is too strong to overcome. I spent half the time watching That's So Raven and Jem and the Holograms with my sisters and the other half at the mall . After all, it's payday weekend so where else will I be? (my first, at that!)

Let's move on with the outfit shall we? It's been quite a while since I had a decent outfit post and man did I miss updating my little online style diary. I've been saving this dress until I'm able to complete my utopian vision for it. (meaning I'm NOT supposed to wear it until I get to buy the perfect shoes, purse and accessories to go with it!) Shoes and accessories .. check! Purse would probably take me a few years, so forget about it! This dress is too pretty to be stowed in my closet anyway so do expect a repeat performance. What sets it apart from other kaftans, is the cut at the back. It has a low square cut instead of the usual V-cut.  
There's something classy-Bohemian about this dress which instantly catapults you into a whole new rendition of the Haciendera look given the touch of the floppy hat. My sister has been eyeing this hat for quite some time so I, against a very tight work schedule in Cebu, just had to take some time off to pick this up from What a Girl Wants.
Purple paisley maxi kaftan from Topshop | Sandals from Forever 21 | Vintage web Boston bag from Gucci | Brown suede floppy hat from What a Girl Wants

Since I started working, I've regained a higher regards for family time. Ever get that strong desire to come home to your family after a full day's work? Well, I get that a lot. I am very thankful that we are still complete come dinner time despite our busy schedules. Since it's payday long weekend, of course there's the obligatory treat c/o moi! I treated my siblings to a Happy Lemon date in Rockwell yesterday.

Here they come, the beautiful ones..Before we got to satisfy our taste buds, we chanced upon Georgina Wilson, who was shopping for uhmm, well.. underpants. It felt slightly awkward to approach her in the middle of her shopping but she was so nice and gorgeous I just HAD to. The moment we stepped out of the store, we saw Solenn waiting for Georgina. 
We then met up with our parents, who were having their afternoon coffee in DulcineaChurros con chocolate, we meet again.
Pacified the kids with Happy Lemon!
Transferred to Benny's (Rustan's Makati G/F) for dinner
..et nous avons mange' dans Bizu
Je t'aime Macaron de Paris!
Valrhona chocolate souffle' with vanilla ice cream. J'adore..
Love from the West Coast. My Aunt and Grandmama just came home from a very short vacay (6 days, to be exact) in California. Why hello there Twinkies and Milanos! I'm having orange Milanos this time.  
My family isn't the movie-going type so mall trips usually consist of eating out with a little shopping on the side. As much as I just bade a huge chunk of my first paycheck au revoir, it felt so good to have been able to give back to my family. It's my little way of thanking them for putting up with me for the past 21 years which was anything but smooth sailing. I'm already thinking of next month's treat! Say it with me: Sophie's Mom :) It's been months since I sank my teeth into their mochi truffles. My teeth will one day fall off from over consumption of sweets. I still have a lot of must-trys on my list and I will get to them one sweet confection at a time.

I also had a separate trip to the mall last Sunday. It felt really good to be able to indulge once in a while and shop to your heart's content -- sans the nagging voice of my mother dear. As much as I'd love to blog about new acquisitions, I made a pact with myself to try not to. I'd still want to have that element of surprise when I post something new so mum's the word!

I'm flying to Bacolod later this week for a golf tournament my company is sponsoring. I hope my basic golf lesson from way back when would come in handy. *gulps* Work on weekend excites me! 
Thanks for checking in. C'est tout!


in Aie's shoes said...

I L-O-V-E your bag!!! =)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Aie ;)

Pineapple Monsters said...

Your dress is so pretty! It totally matches your bag. Haciendera vibe talaga! :)


Mar said...

I'm so loving that dress, Love! very boho-ish. you did an excellent job on that! and cheers to your first paycheck! kisses

Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen

Anagon =) said...

Wow youre so pretty <3 Love your look too!

Ana Maria said...

@ NIX - Haha thanks Nix ;) That was my initial impression of this look.

@ MAR - Thanks so much Mar <3

@ ANA - Thanks so much ANA <3

Abi said...

i love yer dress! check out my sale items.:) i posted few in my facebook but most are just in my room. :)

lolita said...

oh wow you look stunning love the dress and the food looks delish :)


xoxo valerie xoxo said...

love the dress :)

Ana Maria said...

@ ABI - Thanks so much Abi <3

@ LOLITA - Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment ;) you're sweet!

@ VALERIE - Thank you <3

Chyrel Gomez said...

Lovely maxi dress and i have those moments too. I won't wear the dress yet not until I have the perfect shoe and what have you.

Oh,Georgina looks so gorgeous.

Ana Maria said...

Hi Cheryl :) I actually get that a lot so as much as I'm itching to wear a new dress, I just have to control myself and wait til the outfit is complete :) Thanks for dropping by! And yes, she most definitely does!

fashioneggpplant said...

food porn!!! i want some twinkies :) and i LOVE your bag! :)

Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much fashioneggpplant :) Twinkies are quite addictive. No wonder some people claimed to have experience temporary insanity out of overconsumption of twinkies, hence "the Twinkie defense" ;)

derek said...

you look fabulous!!! the hat adds the perfect touch to your dress!!
and macaroons! nom nom!

Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much Derek ;)

Lissa Kahayon said...

Hey Ana! Thank you so much for your comment :) Made my daaay! :)

Ana Maria said...

WOW! Hi Lissa :> I don't know what to say. You're most welcome :)

CutestPrincess said...

ei, your dress is gorgeous and i love that! you're so lucky to have a chance to meet giorgina. she's my idol!

Anyway, I followed your blog, hope you can follow back, too!

It’s a GIRL Thing

kath said...

love your kaftan! :) and lovely styling :)
followed you and i hope you can follow back :)


Ana Maria said...

@CutestPincess and @kath: Thanks so much ladies :) followed your blogs too! ;)

t said...

Great outfit!


Ana Maria said...

Merci beaucoup!!

Mariagrazia C. said...

Wow! So lovely blog! It's really stylish!! I'm following! Hope you can also visit and follow my blog! Mary

Ana Maria said...

@Mariagrazia C: Thanks so much :) yup, will do!

Kookie B. said...

Such a gorgeous boho dress!!! you look so pretty here. :)

Ana Maria said...


Carla Violet said...

love the maxi dress! and the macaroons look yummy!! hmm


Ana Maria said...

Hi Carla :) Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment ;) I truly appreciate it!