Monday, August 8, 2011

Just my luck

The weekend was made interesting by the strokes of luck that brushed our way. I officially signed with my employer last Friday, making yours truly, a subtraction off the unemployment list. That same night, all of my siblings got into Pottermore and just when we thought the weekend couldn't get any better, both my sisters won Little Miss Dress Up's Jetset Style Package which was announced yesterday!

My mother took me out on a little shopping spree to enjoy my last free weekday. I couldn't make up my mind on what to put on - and so did the weather! It was drizzling when we left home early today so I had a knit cardigan on the entire time. I only took them off on our way home after lunch.
Floral halter top from Topshop | Black yoga pants from Ross | Knit cardigan (not shown) from Bangkok | Aqua flats from Roxy | Aqua satchel borrowed from Isa | Green beanie borrowed from Ela (from Patricia Prieto at Blogger's United!)
I really love the detail at the back!
I had my hair curled today and I love it :) It's just really hard to maintain throughout the day because it gets frizzy when you sweat it out. Many thanks to the kind saleslady from SM Makati who insisted on trying the curlers on me. I am always a willing subject when it comes to make-overs. Right after my hair was done, I skedaddled to a dressing room in Forever21 and snapped away until a decent photo popped out. Pardon the silly and cheesy mirror vanity shot; I just couldn't help it because no one could take a photo of me. Hehe 
Look at this picture!

While all the vultures feed. I felt like the shopping vulture feeding off the remains of the sale racks! I have been eyeing this particular dress from Topshop since summer and I'm so glad it went on sale! Since I wasn't sure if i'll be able to carry it well, I just shrugged it off my mind. There were only two stocks left during the start of the sale season and I was pretty sure both will be gone after the buy one get one free promo. I was still hungover from the Incubus concert that weekend and didn't mind skipping the best time of the season, all for the love of Brandon Boyd! So I eventually started dreaming of the dress and it definitely didn't help seeing Daryl Chang wear the exact same dress during the Topshop x Preview party! I tried my luck in Greenbelt earlier, even peeping through the window before the store opened and whaddayaknow! One last, for moi! Story of my life. I'm so happy with my new loot <3
I've always wanted to go to Los Angeles in a maxi dress and huge sunglasses and eat at Pinkberry ala Lauren Conrad! I am so excited for Pinkberry to open in Greenbelt! 

Sandwiched between lucky moments are some mishaps at home. Of course, there's gotta be a trade off somewhere! The night of the triumphant registration at Pottermore, the electric fan in Isa's side of the girl's room went kaput in the middle of her sleep. The following day, my 3 siblings were lounging in Jose's bed so I joined in the fun. The moment my butt touched the mattress, the entire bed broke right smack in the middle! It was so funny we were literally rolling on the floor, laughing! :)) Funny thing is, I'm the eldest yet I weigh the least! 
So that wraps up my final weekend as a bum. Tomorrow I shall step out of the house as a more responsible human being. I will definitely miss my nonchalant days when I'd wake up and sleep whenever I want. I feel grown-up all of a sudden! No turning back now ; here's to the real world! ;) 


Ayushma said...

I love your curls and the top is so cute.

Ana Maria said...

Thanks so much Ayushma! You're too sweet :) followed you back!

xoxo valerie xoxo said...

sounds like you had a really interesting weekend ;)

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Great pictures!! Superb Styling.
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derek said...

your hair looks really pretty curled!!!

Yna Amores said...

I love your curls Ana! And cute top!

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Love the top! and your curly hair :)
I'm excited too for Pinkberry to open! yay!

Care to follow each other? :)

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