Friday, August 26, 2011

Make Yourself

For the first time in four months, I've finally encountered a heightened feeling of self worth. Apparently, my prolonged state of idleness left me lackadaisical for quite some time. It's one of those turning points we get to experience once in a while. This time though, it was a positive paradigm shift.

I was lost, but now I have found. Forgive me for incessantly quoting Brandon Boyd in the middle of my entries. It seems the guy has the perfect say for different aspects in my life. What can I say? His writing prowess is indomitable. I get that strong urge to blog after getting my Incubus fix. Getting back.. I remember being susceptible to depression during my extended vacation, as I’d like to call it. Truth is I just couldn’t find a job that could make use of my Agriculture + radio broadcasting background at the same time, a job that I myself, would personally like to engage in. It’s two-way, you see. My job offer couldn’t have come at a better timing. I was starting to feel world weary and felt that dire need to belong and be productive. My first three weeks at the office was quite enthralling. The first week was marked by adjustments and getting-used-to’s. I was very fortunate to have spent an entire week in Cebu and meet the rest of people I’ll be working with during my second week on the job. This week was a more serious one. I attended orientations and meetings. I also got hold of my new phone and laptop and OH! I finally got to move in my cubicle J It’s still a work in progress but I was able to bring in some office essentials like a mini drawer, organizer and school supplies. I like to stick to all things pink and girly; office-appropriate frivolity as I’d like to call it.

Here’s a clearer shot. That's not an ash tray you're seeing, it's a coaster. Table rings = pet peeve. 

My coin purse hunt has finally came to a halt!
My favorite find from Topshop Cebu!
It's payday [long] weekend :) Enjoy! 


Yna Amores said...

your workplace is so cute!

Ana Maria said...

Thanks Yna dear!

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