Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sweet Picks

All these free times I've been spending at home sometimes forces my mind to take backtracks. When I was little, I remember Tatay would always bring us chocolates from his business trips and it's something my family would always enjoy. I distinctly remember this chocolate he brought home from Tokyo which was unlike any other. The chocolate was covered in glutinous rice and smothered with a generous amount of cocoa powder. Chocolate daifuku, as the box read, and that was the only thing we knew about the delectable foreign treat. Of course it never occurred to my 10-year old self to google more information about it. A decade passed and I can still vividly recall how the daifuku tastes.
We met the girls of Sophie's Mom at Bloggers United and they were selling mochi, red velvet cupcakes (my favorite!) and cookies.When I saw the mochi truffles, they instantly reminded me of my favorite Japanese treat from 10 years ago. It actually took me a while before I was able to confirm that daifuku and mochi are one and the same. I regret not trying out their products during the bazaar because I went crazy over the clothes and the presence of my favorite bloggers, that I forgot to address the needs of my grumbling stomach. My sisters, on the other hand, were more eager to check out the food concessionaires. A week ago, we met up with Sophie's Mom herself, Tita Tonette in Rustan's Makati to pick up our orders.

Must try! I absolutely love their Mochi nutella truffles! The Mochi truffles also come in belgian chocolate and caramel flavors. All of them are actually really good :) My sisters ordered Mochi ice cream in frozen brazo and vanilla, and cookie dough. No photo however because it has to be consumed right away. Mochi ice cream is also larger than the truffles, if you're wondering. Mochi ice cream is about the size of a jaw breaker. 

Another must try! The decadence of red velvet cupcakes captured in cookies! We went for red velvet cookies instead of cupcakes because they're cheaper by Php 20 hence, we can order more :) I can't quite translate the goodness of these treats into words, so I recommend you all to try their products! 


Kim said...

omg are those mochiess!? i love mochi~! and you even got red velvet cupcakes! *o* omg.. my stomach is growling...

fashioneggpplant said...

oh my, im salivating as i type!