Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

 Happy Father's Day to all our beloved Dads :) 
We had lunch at Benny's which is one of our favorite restaurants. Benny's is located at the ground floor of Rustan's Makati.

Happy Father's Day to the smartest man I know, Tatay! I love you Tatay :) Thank you so much for everything. You are definitely my hero, best friend and inspiration! We are all very proud of everything that you have accomplished. 



mestizay said...

Am smitten with your sheer polo! you dad is so bagets ah.:)

By the way,Linked your blog from chictopia.:)

Abi said...

I love your sheer polo Ana! :)
Thanks for the greetings.

Ana Maria said...

@mestizay - aww thank you so much!! :) Tatay's just 46 so medyo bagets pa :)) followed your blog already :)

Ana Maria said...

Hi Abi :) thank you and you're welcome ;)

mestizay said...

hey babe! am following you now!:)

my hubby lives in pacita,laguna.
I thought you lived nearby lang. you live all the way in LB pala!haha

Eden said...

you had me at UPian and disc jockey--i am totally that two as well! well, formerly. hehe. moving forward to other things now though.

your shirt is mega sensational! <3

hope you stop by/follow me if you'd like? looking forward to connecting!


Ana Maria said...

@mestizay - Thanks so much!! :)

@Eden - Thank you so much for dropping by, commenting and following my little online journal :) followed you back!!

ellie estrada (noelle) said...

hi your blog is pretty cute <3 And im pretty much digging your style. FOLLOWED. keep it up!