Thursday, June 16, 2011

Of cheap thrills and indulgences..

While the rest of the country is still celebrating Independence Day, my family shifted gears and celebrated indulgence day earlier. Before I begin to fill you in on how my day went down, here's a decent outfit post before I left home.

I wore a plain black tube top, a high waist leopard print skirt, black flats from Rubi shoes, my favorite purse and sunglasses from Christian Dior. The leopard skirt is my first ever ukay find and I got it for only Php 25! I spotted the skirt yesterday while sitting in traffic and asked my adorable sister Ela (haha!) to dash, grab and buy the skirt. It was mission accomplished and she got back in the car in time before the traffic light switched. Once i got home,our house-help soaked the skirt in boiling water and washed it thoroughly :) I love the wrap-around drapey detail of the skirt which was not captured in photograph.

To cut a long story short, my mom, aunt, Glam-Ma and I went to greenbelt earlier to pick up a bag from LV which was reserved under my name (intense)!  We arrived at Greenbelt 30 minutes before the opening so we headed to Conti's to grab a bite. I was already hungry by then since I just had cereals for breakfast but Mommy wanted to have late lunch so I opted for a slice of Black Velvet.
Please excuse the quality of photos. I used an iPod because it allows me to take pictures discreetly.

After downing our food, we went straight to LV to pick up the bag. As you can see, they really know how to pamper their customers. Enjoyed complimentary drinks while checking out purses here and there. That's me on the left feeling all hyper and a bit sweaty. The lovely sales personnel of LV asked if I was feeling cold and told me she can fix me a cup of sweet tea. Haha That's just me, I don't easily feel cold, hence the strapless top and skirt. I appreciate the concern, but no, thank you, Evian will do!

Trivia: Speedy 25 was customized for Audrey Hepburn! They only manufactured the Speedy bag in that size when more people started to request for it after seeing it on Audrey. How cool is that?  

They can also personalize your LV purse, free of charge (hot stamping)! So after two hours of trying out purses, and browsing through the catalogues, we left the store and decided to pay Greenbelt 4 a visit. Next stop: Gucci!
Tatay is on a business trip every single week. My parents SMS each other very often as seen on the left most photo.

Mommy and Nanay lounging at the velour couch while Ayin (my Aunt) was shopping. Mommy made me try out those outrageously high Gucci heels! It was so much fun but the the ones I like are not available in my size. 
Pieces perfect for color blocking! Camilla Belle's Gucci outfit is still available, see? After another full hour, we finally left Gucci and transferred to Ferragamo because Mommy was ogling at the loafers on the display window. She has this habit of making me try out shoes and clothes because she knows I'm up for it. She randomly picks out shoes that she thinks will look good on me. If she loves how it looks on me, she usually buys the item. No questions asked, that's my grandmother right there! She pointed out a pair of black strappy wedges. The pair looks small at first glance, so back to the shelf it went. The very kind sales personnel double checked the size, and told me they were the last pair in size 9! Someone's feeling lucky. The pair is very simple yet classy, and it looks a lot more sophisticated when worn. Not to mention, it fits beautifully and the arch is just .. ugh! Perfection! I walked in them for a few more minutes until the final verdict was reached! Then I started to wonder if ever we'd reach the same verdict, in case the orange Gucci pumps miraculously fit? Kidding! I don't want to push my luck. Plus they say Ferragamos last a lifetime :) I'm a happy kid!

Photo grabbed/stolen from Donna's blog hehe
I finally met Donna of try.believe.LOVE while filling out some raffle coupons at the counter. I already saw her at Zara earlier that day but she might get creeped out if I just come up to her and confess my fondness of reading her blog (that slightly awkward moment when you bump into Chictopia friends in person and they don't recognize you back. I mean, do I smile, say 'hi' and introduce myself or walk away? hehe). When i saw her for the second time at Ferragamo (pulling out clothes for a shoot, I presume), we had a short chit chat by the counter and she even invited me to their fashion show next week :)
Look on your face was priceless! Yes, the look on your face was priceless! The look on your face was.. so.. Priceless! Priceless! So.. Priceless!!
I'm a happy girl, see? :D All the while I've been thinking about the upcoming Incubus concert and how much I want to get hold of a good seat! But let's just wait and see, it's more than a month away so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Many thanks to my parents, to Ayin and to Mommy for chipping in moolah for my new shoes!! Since Tatay is on a trip, I sent him an SMS, thanking him for the Ferragamos to which he replied with: "Okay baby, good night".  :) I love my family!
Some Tod's and Prada later, we settled at Italliani's for lunch. (Like, really late lunch because it was already past 3PM.)

I was full after 3 bites and was still a little bit shakey thanks to Salvatore. After lunch, we went to Le Petit Artisan to take out desserts. I love their cream puffs!
We decided not go to S&R anymore because Mommy was afraid to leave our unexpected loot unattended in the parking. We were all excited to go home anyway so it's all good.. Oh that joy you get from retail therapy. Sana may part 2. Next week! Joke lang ;P This is probably the best girl-bonding we had in the family. Hopefully my sisters will be able to join in next time :)

Pretty Little Liars season 2 premieres in a few hours :)
Happy weekend !


Yna Amores said...

Wow Ana you already (IKAW NA)!!:))) Congrats on the Ferragamos :))

Ana Maria said...

Yna! Funny nung "you already"!! bwahahaha. Thank you ;) HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOOOOOU <3

Yna Amores said...

Thank you for the greeting Ana! And thank you also to Isa :)) The Reynoso sisters are the sweetest :)

Ana Maria said...

You're most welcome Yna :) Enjoy!

Krystal Pearl said...

Hi Ana! Lovely post. I love shopping and wow, Gucci, LV and Ferragamos? Amazing!! =) It's my first time in your blog and I was kinda reading your previous posts. Lovely blog my dear. You're so charming.. =) Hope to meet you in person too, 'coz you look sweet. take care and HAPPY FATHER'S day to your dad! Nice family.. GOD BLESS..


Krystal Pearl said...

Follow follow followed you.. =) sweet

Ana Maria said...

Hi Krystal! You are so sweeeeet!! Followed you back ;)